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Wed Apr 24 2013

Books: African Arabic: Lafkioui (Ed)

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Date: 23-Apr-2013
From: Linda Steglich <>
Subject: African Arabic: Lafkioui (Ed)
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Title: African Arabic Subtitle: Approaches to Dialectology Series Title: Trends in Linguistics. Studies and Monographs [TiLSM] 258 Published: 2013 Publisher: De Gruyter Mouton

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Editor: Mena Lafkioui Electronic: ISBN: 9783110292343 Pages: 301 Price: Europe EURO 99.95
Hardback: ISBN: 9783110292329 Pages: 301 Price: Europe EURO 99.95

This present book studies from a dialectological perspective various African Arabic varieties, such as Maghreb Arabic, Bongor Arabic, Juba Arabic and Logorí Arabic. On the one hand, different specific linguistic aspects related to phonetics and phonology as well as to morphology, syntax and lexicology are discussed in this volume; e.g. the Arabic loanwords in Somali with regard to the strata in South Arabian, the structural features of Logorì Arabic and its use as Lingua Franca or native language, the contact-induced innovation processes in North African Arabic negation by analogy with Berber negation. On the other hand, the African Arabic theme is approached from a more general perspective analysing the contact effects on linguistic features and systems from a broader comparative, typological and universal viewpoint, e.g. a general typology of Arabic in Africa, the question of possible universal features of pidginization and creolization drawn on evidence from Arabic-based pidgins and creoles. Its outcomes offer important insights for all linguistic studies and approaches, and directly connect with other research fields such as sociolinguistics, ethnolinguistics and language acquisition.

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics                             Language Contact                             Sociolinguistics
Subject Language(s): Arabic, Libyan (ayl)                             Arabic, Moroccan (ary)                             Creole Arabic, Sudanese (pga)                             Logorik (liu)                             Somali (som) Language Family(ies): Afroasiatic                             Berber
Written In: English (eng)

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