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Mon May 06 2013

All: Announcing a New Moderator of LINGUIST List

Editor for this issue: Justin Petro <>

Date: 04-May-2013
From: Margaret E. Winters <>
Subject: Announcing a New Moderator of LINGUIST List
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From the Advisory Board:

The Advisory Board of LINGUIST List is pleased to announce the graduation of
Anthony Aristar and Helen Aristar Dry to a life of retirement this summer from
Eastern Michigan University. We are very grateful to them for their
extraordinary service to the field of Linguistics through LINGUIST List
(founded by Anthony Aristar in 1990 and moderated by both of them since) and
through the many associated projects, databases, and other resources for
linguistic research which they have provided.

In order to ensure continuity, Anthony and Helen have founded the eLinguistics
Foundation as a non-profit corporation, and assigned all their intellectual
property rights in the LINGUIST List to it, along with their ownership of all
LINGUIST's domains. In consultation with the LINGUIST List’s Board of
Advisors, the Foundation has confirmed the nomination of Professor Damir
Cavar, also of Eastern Michigan University, as the list’s moderator. He has
written a note contained in this special message to LINGUIST List.

We know that the international Linguistics community has been enriched by the
pioneering work of Anthony and Helen, and we wish them everything good in

With best wishes,

The Advisory Board of LINGUIST List


From Damir Cavar:

I humbly accept the appointment as LINGUIST List's moderator.

I wish to extend my deepest respect and appreciation to Helen and Anthony, who
founded this organization and guided it through more than two decades, with
the help of the linguistics community. I feel honored to be part of the
continuation of their legacy.

LINGUIST List will continue to ask for your support and advice, in the hope
that, with your aid, we will be able deliver all that you would expect from it
and more. In my role as the moderator of LINGUIST List, I can say that I
greatly look forward to supporting you and working with you. The LINGUIST List
staff and students are grateful for the opportunity to continue our service to
the linguistics community.




From Helen Aristar-Dry and Anthony Aristar:

As outgoing Moderators, Anthony and I want to extend heartfelt thanks to the
colleagues, students, and Advisors who have supported us through 22 years of
running The LINGUIST List. Running the list has been a life-changing
experience, primarily because of the remarkable people we have come into
contact with. In particular, we are grateful for the many loyal students and
staff members who made work at LINGUIST both productive and fun; for the
generous donors who supported us through 20 Fund Drives, not just with
monetary contributions but also with spirited participation; and for the many
colleagues, collaborators, and friends who helped us develop databases and
Internet facilities, or simply encouraged us along the way. And, finally, we
would like to thank the Advisory Board, and the members of the eLinguistics
Foundation, whose wisdom and care shepherded LINGUIST List through a difficult
transition to the current successful outcome.

Anthony and I are delighted to be succeeded by Prof. Damir Cavar, a
computational linguist and proven administrator who has long been interested
in student training and language technology, having led computational
linguistics programs at Indiana University and University of Zadar. As a
well-known developer of language corpora and corpus analysis tools, Damir has
the vision to ensure that LINGUIST changes along with the changing research
landscape. We want to offer both gratitude and unconditional support to
Damir, as he leads The LINGUIST List into a new era of service to the


Helen & Anthony

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