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Sat Jun 29 2013

Books: Extended Vantage Theory in Linguistic Application: Głaz

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Date: 26-Jun-2013
From: Grzegorz Żuk <>
Subject: Extended Vantage Theory in Linguistic Application: Głaz
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Title: Extended Vantage Theory in Linguistic ApplicationSubtitle: The Case of the English ArticlesPublication Year: 2012Publisher: Wydawnictwo UMCS

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Author: Adam Głaz

Paperback: ISBN: 9788377842300 Pages: 296 Price: Europe EURO 8 Comment: Please contact the author if encountering problems with ordering and/or payment.


This study has a dual orientation and a dual aim: theoretical and analytical.On the theoretical side, it presents a relatively little known cognitive modelof categorization, Vantage Theory (VT), associated with the name of Robert E.MacLaury, and first proposed to account for categorization in the colordomain. It also surveys linguistic applications of the model and proposes itsadaptation, called Extended Vantage Theory (EVT), locating it in the contextof previous modifications and adaptations. In the analytical part, theadaptation serves a specific purpose: an account of the use of the Englisharticles. Being an exercise in cognitive linguistics, the book attempts tofind cognition-driven motivation not only for the standard, “textbook”examples of article use, but also for ambiguous ones (e.g. “I intend to date aNorwegian,” “The boy who wrote this e-mail must be expelled”), ones that aresubject to pressures from discourse (e.g. associative links, discourse-initial“the”), or ones that apparently fly in the face of both logic andconventionalized English usage (e.g. “a British Isles,” “a United Nations”).Motivation, it is claimed, resides in speaker-produced conceptualization ofand point of view (vantage) on the scene being described.

The book is thus as much a testing ground for a theory as it is a hands-onstruggle with specific data.

Linguistic Field(s): Cognitive linguistics Linguistic Theories Semantics

Subject Language(s): English (eng)

Language Family(ies): Indo-European

Written In: English (eng)

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