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Mon Jul 08 2013

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Date: 08-Jul-2013
From: Fabian Barteld <>
Subject: Adverb and Adverbial. On the Relation between a Lexical Category and a Syntactic Function
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Adverb and Adverbial. On the Relation between a Lexical Category and a Syntactic Function

Date: 12-Sep-2013 - 13-Sep-2013 Location: Bochum, Germany Contact: Fabian Barteld Contact Email: < click here to access email > Meeting URL:

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics; Historical Linguistics; Syntax; Typology

Meeting Description:

The category adverb has been described as the ‘most problematic major word class’ (Haspelmath 2001:16543), and the same applies to adverbials on the level of syntactic functions. Furthermore both concepts are connected in the sense that adverbs typically function as adverbials. Even though there should be a clear distinction between adverbs and adverbials since they represent different levels of syntactic analysis, adverbs are often confused with adverbials due to this interrelatedness.

The aim of the workshop is to bring together researchers from different fields (e.g. historical linguistics, English linguistics and general linguistics) to discuss fundamental questions concerning the category adverb and the syntactic function adverbial from a variety of perspectives. Topics include the emergence of the lexical category adverb, the relationship between adverbs and adverbials as well as a cross-linguistic definition of adverbs and adverbials.


Anna-Maria De Cesare (Basel)
Janneke Diepeveen (Berlin)
Philipp Dorok (Bochum)
Christopher Laenzlinger (Genf)
Claudia Maienborn (Tübingen)
Karin Pittner (Bochum)
Amanda Pounder (Calgary)
Gisa Rauh (Wuppertal)
Björn Rothstein (Bochum)
Martin Schäfer (Jena)
Sandra Waldenberger (Bochum)
Mariola Wierzbicka (Rzeszów)

If you would like to participate in the workshop, please let us know until August 29 by sending an email. There is no participation fee.

Organizers: Fabian Barteld, Daniela Elsner and Karin Pittner

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