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Thu Sep 26 2013

Media: Video Programs Featuring the Oral Tradition of the Nahuatl-Speaking Communities

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Date: 25-Sep-2013
From: Norbert Francis <>
Subject: Video Programs Featuring the Oral Tradition of the Nahuatl-Speaking Communities
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TV Malintzin, from Puebla and Tlaxcala states, announces the inauguration of a series of short video programs featuring the oral tradition of the Nahuatl-speaking communities from this region of Mexico. The videos are available at:

Mainly in Nahuatl, the series currently includes traditional narrative and oral history. Future programs are planned that will incorporate poetry and other genres of interest to members of the communities and to investigators and students of the Nahuatl language and culture.

The mission of TV Malintzin consists in the compilation and dissemination of this material of literary and artistic merit, founded over hundreds of years of creative language expression, now in gradual decline and likely in the future to be in danger of significant erosion in the highland communities of Puebla and Tlaxcala, along with the Nahuatl language itself.

The following programs are now available:
(1) Bienvenida al canal TV Malintzin(2) Entrevista con el Mtro. Carmen Zepeda: Año 1923 (in Spanish)
(3) In tomin
(4) Coyotl huan Tlacuatl
(5) In Pillo (primera versión)
(6) Tesoro escondido de la Revolución
(7) Quehaceres cuando era niña
(8) Historia de lo que pasó después de la matanza de 1968
(9) La señora y su amante
(10) El hombre que no quería poner ofrenda
(11) El cielo emborregado
(12) Historias de Chalma
(13) La mujer nahual
(14) In Pillo (segunda versión)
(15) El nevero de la Malintzin
(16) El hombre que no creía en las mujeres piedra encantadoras
(17) El compadre de la muerte
(18) Pastorela: La adoración de los reyes.

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