Tue Dec 17 2013

All: This Week's LINGUIST Notice Board

Editor for this issue: Alex Isotalo <alxlinguistlist.org>

Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2013
From: LINGUIST Notice Board <linguistlinguistlist.org>
Subject: This Week's LINGUIST Notice Board

The following messages are currently posted on the LINGUIST NoticeBoard, our web page for personal announcements. Use the URL below each message topic to take a look at any that interest you.

Notices remain on the NoticeBoard for 60 days. You may post a notice by filling in the form at http://linguistlist.org/people/notice/">http://linguistlist.org/people/notice/

       Subject: Selling my specialist libraries         http://linguistlist.org/people/notice/browse-notice-action.cfm?NoticeID=52764
       From: Peter Hill < click here to access email >

       Subject: lao language data         http://linguistlist.org/people/notice/browse-notice-action.cfm?NoticeID=52724
       From: Ariadne Kovacs < click here to access email >

       Subject: Intro to Linguistics textbook recommendation needed         http://linguistlist.org/people/notice/browse-notice-action.cfm?NoticeID=52664
       From: Edward S Mitchell < click here to access email >

       Subject: Student in need of housing for LSA ( Jan. 2014)         http://linguistlist.org/people/notice/browse-notice-action.cfm?NoticeID=52604
       From: Lucas Graf < click here to access email >

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