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Wed Dec 18 2013

Calls: General Linguistics/China

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Date: 18-Dec-2013
From: Peiqian He <>
Subject: China and the West: Cross-linguistic Perspectives
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Full Title: China and the West: Cross-linguistic Perspectives
Date: 12-Apr-2014 - 13-Apr-2014 Location: Beijing, China Contact Person: Guohua Chen
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Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics

Call Deadline: 15-Jan-2014

Meeting Description:

This conference will be held in Beijing, China on the 12th and 13th of April 2014. Sponsored by the Philological Society of the UK and hosted by the Institute of Linguistics in conjunction with National Research Centre of Overseas Sinology, Beijing Foreign Studies University, the conference aims at bridging communication gaps between language scholars from different traditions in China and the West in the following areas:

The Genealogies and Histories of Sino-Tibetan and Indo-European Languages
1. Histories of linguistics in China and the West
2. Language contact within and between the two language families
3. Histories of particular languages, including sound change, semantic change, grammaticalization and writing systems

The Structures of Sino-Tibetan and Indo-European Languages
1. Linguistic theories in China and the West, their applications and development
2. Typological studies of particular languages
3. Contrastive studies of particular languages

Acquisition of Sino-Tibetan and Indo-European Languages
1. Language learning and teaching theories in China and the West
2. Differences between the acquisitions of first and second languages
3. Language planning and policy in China and the West

The following four scholars will each deliver a plenary speech at the conference:

John Simpson
Former Editor-in-Chief of the Oxford English Dictionary
“The history and aspirations of the Oxford English Dictionary: 1859 - 2014 and beyond”

Yan Huang
Professor of Linguistics
University of Auckland
“Aspects of anaphora in Chinese and in some Western languages, language typology and neo-Gricean pragmatics”

Xiaoping Yao
Professor of Linguistics
Beijing Foreign Studies University
“Hidden Rules in the Dicionário Português-Chinês, the earliest European-Chinese dictionary”

Nicola McLelland
Head of German Studies
University of Nottingham
“Teach Yourself Chinese -- how?”


A fee of ¥500 Chinese (roughly equivalent to £50 British pounds or $75 US dollars) will be charged to members of the Philological Society participating in the conference. For non-members, the fee will be ¥1000 (roughly equivalent to £100 British pounds or $150 US dollars).

2nd Call for Papers:


The total number of participants will be limited to around 50, to be divided into three theme groups. Each participant will have 30-40 minutes to present their paper. So far we have received 34 abstracts from nearly 10 countries and regions covering various aspects of all three themes.


Those who wish to give papers at the conference should submit their abstracts in no more than 500 English words before 15 January 2014. If the abstract is accepted, a formal letter of invitation will be issued before 15 February 2014.

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