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Fri Mar 07 2014

FYI: Call for Chapter Proposals: The Place of English in Societies of the Gulf

Editor for this issue: Uliana Kazagasheva <>

Date: 07-Mar-2014
From: Louisa Buckingham <>
Subject: Call for Chapter Proposals: The Place of English in Societies of the Gulf
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The Place of English in Societies of the Gulf

This prospective book is currently under consideration by the UK publishing company Multilingual Matters (

This book will provide an overview of language issues relating to the use of English and local languages in countries of the Gulf. English has an important place in the region’s rapid social and economic development over the last 40 years; it is used in public, educational, professional and domestic contexts and thus is a language which is used on a daily basis in socially prestigious settings and utilitarian, transactional interactions. Being a region of intense language contact due to the high proportion of expatriate workers, English has influenced the Arabic dialects of the region and, in turn, local English use has developed particular characteristics through the influence of Arabic and South Asian languages to the extent that some scholars speculate the gradual evolution of a local Gulf English dialect. Although the relationship between the use English and the use Arabic in Gulf countries may conceivably shift in future decades, English appears likely to retain a prominent, though perhaps not uncontested, place in most Gulf societies.

The editor of this book is Louisa Buckingham. Proposals (and all queries) should be sent to her at the email address below. Proposals should be submitted by 15 May, 2014.
Dr Louisa Buckingham Email: louisabuckingham (at)

Topic areas of interest for prospective chapters. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
Linguistic focus
1. English and Arabic
2. Languages in contact (code-switching, lexical borrowing, language change, etc.)
3. English as a lingua franca

Public use of English
4. English and the media
5. English in public spaces
English use in professional and academic contexts
6. English in the workplace
7. English medium education

Sociolinguistic focus
8. Social aspects of English in Gulf Arab societies
9. The place of English in Gulf Arab families
10. English and Gulf Arab identity

Please submit a chapter proposal of no more than 300 words (by 15 May, 2014).

When writing your proposal, please include to the following information: outline of topic, data used, indication of relevance or importance, indication of the literature used to support your study.

Linguistic Field(s): Sociolinguistics

Subject Language(s): English (eng)

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