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Sat Mar 08 2014

TOC: Journal of Historical Linguistics 3/2 (2013)

Editor for this issue: Sara Couture <>

Date: 06-Mar-2014
From: Karin Plijnaar <>
Subject: Journal of Historical Linguistics Vol. 3, No. 2 (2013)
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Publisher: John Benjamins

Journal Title: Journal of Historical Linguistics
Volume Number: 3
Issue Number: 2
Issue Date: 2013

Main Text:

2013. iii, 184 pp.

Table of Contents

Editors’ Corner
153 – 154


Null referential subjects in the history of Swedish
David Håkansson
155 – 191

Understanding diachronic change in Cappadocian Greek: The dialectological perspective
Petros Karatsareas
192 – 229

The emergence of the Romanian supine
Virginia Hill
230 – 271

Mapping meaning with distributional methods: A diachronic corpus-based study of existential there
Gard B. Jenset
272 – 306


Connecting Grammaticalisation by Jens Nørgård-Sorensen, Lars Heltoft & Lene Schøsler
Reviewed by Daniel M. Sáez Rivera
307 – 312

Gradual Creolization: Studies Celebrating Jacques Arends ed. by Rachel Selbach, Hugo C. Cardoso & Margot van den Berg
Reviewed by Natalie Operstein and Emily Newsom-Davis
313 – 323

Grammatical Change: Theory and Description ed. by Rachel Hendery & Jennifer Hendriks
Reviewed by Cinzia Russi
324 – 329

Language Contact: New Perspectives ed. By Muriel Norde, Bob de Jonge & Cornelius Hasselblatt
Reviewed by Chris Rogers
330 – 336

Linguistic Field(s): Historical Linguistics
                            Linguistic Theories
                            Text/Corpus Linguistics

Subject Language(s): English (eng)
                            Greek, Cappadocian (cpg)
                            Greek, Modern (ell)
                            Pontic (pnt)
                            Romanian (ron)
                            Swedish (swe)
                            Turkish (tur)

Language Family(ies): Slavic

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