LINGUIST List 25.2127

Tue May 13 2014

Qs: Phonetic analysis on a tablet device

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Date: 13-May-2014
From: Sarah Johnson <>
Subject: Phonetic analysis on a tablet device
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I am wondering if someone can help me out with a question
concerning phonetic analysis on tablet devices. I am looking for a
way to perform spectrogram and oscillogram analysis on an iPad.
There do not appear to be any PRAAT apps out yet, although
there has been talk of one coming for years. I understand that
while using a Surface device, the PRAAT program can simply be
downloaded onto Windows by switching into the Windows mode
from the metro screen, but I am not sure about what to do if I
want to perform phonetic analysis projects on an iPad. There does
not seem to be any way to perform any functions or run any
programs on an iPad unless there is an app for it. Do you know of
any linguists who use iPads for phonetic analysis? I appreciate any
advice you can give me.

Best Regards,

Sarah Johnson

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