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Mon May 19 2014

Confs: Phonetics, Phonology/China

Editor for this issue: Xiyan Wang <>

Date: 16-May-2014
From: Jeroen van de Weijer <>
Subject: Three Workshops
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Three Workshops

Date: 30-May-2014 - 31-May-2014
Location: Shanghai, China
Contact: Jeroen van de Weijer
Contact Email: < click here to access email >

Linguistic Field(s): Phonetics; Phonology

Meeting Description:

Workshop 1: General Phonology and Phonetics, incl. Languages of China

Workshop 2: English Pronunciation by Chinese Learners

Workshop 3: Tone and Intonation, Style and Pragmatics, Shanghainese

Workshop 1. General phonology and phonetics (incl. Languages spoken in China)

Friday, May 30, 2014

1. Jixing Li - Acoustic Correlates for Size and Shape Symbolisms
2. Wang Xingwei - Understanding Sound Symbolism -- A Comparative Study on Middle Chinese Poetry and Its English Translations
3. Suzana Maria Lucas Santos - Full and partial phonetic and phonological adaptations of Eng-lish loanwords: the production of personal names adopted by Brazilian subjects
4. Xu Ximing - Tone-accent type in Mandarin and stress-accent type in English: A contrastive study
5. Sui Yanyan - The Metrical Structure in Standard Chinese
6. Yang Chunlei & Jiang Xia - Phonological Feature Structures in HPSG and Their Applications in Chinese Analyses
7. Gao Cuicui - Contrastive Study on Monophthongs in Mandarin and Fuzhou Dialect
8. Luo Mingqiong - MC Syllable Onsets: Compulsory or Optional?
9. Yin Xiao - A Comparative Research on Onsets and Rhymes of Wu Chinese Dialects in Soo-chow, Khuense and Shanghai Downtowns

Saturday, May 31, 2014

10. Stefano Quaino - Welsh English - Syllable timed or stressed timed?
11. Feng Hui & Zhu Li-jiao - Monophthongal Changes in Received Pronunciation
12. Hui Yin - OT Account of Mandarin Tone Sandhi
13. Li Hai - Tone Sandhi in Nanyang Dialect and its Analysis within the Non-linear Model
14. Yang Zhou - Loanword Phonology of Shanghai Dialect: An Optimality-Theoretical Account
15. Akitsugu Nogita & Hua Lin - Duration of Japanese [Cj]s and Russian [Cj]s
16. Wang Lei & Liang Jie - Syllable Contractions in Luoyang Dialect
17. Zhai Honghua & Li Guidong - Review of the book Origin of Sound Change----Approaches to Phonologization

Workshop 2: English Pronunciation by Chinese Learners

Friday, May 30, 2014

1. Yu-Chun Lin - Covert Contrast of English /r/ and /l/ by Chinese, Korean, and Japanese
2. Chen Lu & Zhu Shanshan - An Analysis of Current English Pronunciation of First-year English Majors in Shanghai International Studies University
3. Feng Hui - Acoustic Features of English Monophthongs Produced by College Students: In the Case of Mandarin and Tibetan Speakers
4. Hou Xiaolei - Study on Problems in Phonetic Learning for Chinese Learners
5. Li Ying - Influence of Chinese Dialects on English Learning
6. Zhai Honghua - The Review of Studies on the Influence of Chinese Dialect to English Phonetic Acquisition

Saturday, May 31, 2014

7. Zhao Zhengting - A Study of Shanghai Dialect's Negative Transfer on English Pronunciation: An Overview
8. Jiang Binger - Phonetic Transfer of Wu Dialects' Voiceless Onset Followed by Breathiness in English L2 Acquisition
9. Li Jingna - A study of the influences of pronunciation components on degrees of perceived foreign accent
10. Wu Minghui - Cross-dialect Speech Perception of English Sounds by Children: A pilot study on English vowels
11. Xia Pengzheng - An OT Analysis of the Acquisition of English Consonants and Consonants Clusters by Chinese Learners of English
12. Aneela Bushra Maqbool - Use of Tone by Chinese English speakers in the context of Pakistan

Workshop 3: Tone and intonation, Style and Pragmatics, Shanghainese

Friday, May 30, 2014

1. Luo Ling - Tone Training using PC Games
2. Guo Lei - Prosodic Features of Discourse Markers and Characterization from Drama to Film--Doubt: A Parable
3. Liu Xirui - Motivations for System of the Prosodic Labeling of HELSCOM
4. Qi Jiayao - The Mainstream Pronunciation of Downtown Shanghainese in 1980s, as reflected by 'A Synchronic Phonetic Study of 500 Middle-aged People in Urban Shanghai'
5. Xu Yong - The Rhetorical Survey of Phonetics and Phonology in Stylistics

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