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Fri Jan 09 2015

Confs: Phonetics, Phonology/France

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Date: 03-Jan-2015
From: Anne PRZEWOZNY <>
Subject: Word-stress in English: Empirical / Theoretical Issues
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Word-stress in English: Empirical / Theoretical Issues

Date: 09-Apr-2015 - 13-Apr-2015
Location: Toulouse, France
Contact: Jacques Durand
Contact Email: < click here to access email >

Linguistic Field(s): Phonetics; Phonology

Meeting Description:

Word-stress in English: empirical and theoretical issues.

Organizers: P. Carr, J. Durand, E. Yamada

English word-stress has been the focus of a great deal of attention in modern phonology and phonetics. The aim of this workshop is to encourage a comparison and confrontation of points of view on this issue. Among the questions to be dealt with are the following (which do not constitute a closed list):

- Is the division between lexical and functional categories in dealing with word-stress motivated?
- What are its consequences for a theory of word-stress?
- While there are undoubted generalizations due to morphological structure and more controversially syllabic structures, are these generalizations best captured by rules, constraints or other mechanisms?
- Can ''parallelism'' and ''serialism'' in the treatment of stress be merged into a single mechanism?
- Is the stress of polysyllabic monomorphemic roots predictable or entirely lexicalized?
- How do syllabic structures, morphological and syntactic information interact in stress generalizations (including compounds)?
- Does the splitting of the English lexicon into different strata allow for a better treatment of stress?
- What is the optimal methodology for studying lexical stress: dictionaries based on judgements by authors (constituted as searchable data-bases) or large spoken corpora?
- If the latter, how does one handle differences due to the prosodic structure of utterances (e.g. nuclear vs. non nuclear stresses)?
- What can we learn from the acquisition of stress by children and its possible destructuring within various types of aphasia?
- What do psycholinguistic experiments tell us about stress?
- How many degrees of stress should be posited for English?
- What are the physiological or acoustic correlates of the degrees of stress postulated by most modern accounts of stress?

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