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Fri Feb 20 2015

Qs: Etymology of Latin word 'navia'(ship)

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Date: 20-Feb-2015
From: A S Sundar <>
Subject: Etymology of Latin word 'navia'(ship)
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The commonly accepted root of the English word 'Navy' is Latin 'navia'(ship).

Its quite interesting to note that the Latin word 'navia' relates directly to the Tamil word 'navai' pronounced 'naavaay'. This Tamil word 'navai' is derived from its Tamil root 'nai'. 'Navai' means the lead-ship in a fleet of ships going for naval warfare. 'Nai' in Tamil means 'to lead'. Since the dog always leads its master by moving in front, it is called 'Nai' in Tamil. The lead character in a film or drama is called 'Nayagan'. Similarly lead warriors fighting in war were called 'Naiks, Naickers, Nairs, Naidus etc. So, it appears that Tamil word 'navai' is related to Latin word 'navia' directly.

As a researcher on the etymological connection between Greek /Latin and Tamil,my earlier submissions in LL on the Etymology of Greek word 'Paleo'may be read in LL 14.1554 followed by Summary later.

Now I am interested in knowing (1) whether Latin/Greek has any other words for'ship'(2) any other words available in Latin/Greek related to Latin word 'navia'.

Kindly email your responses to I will submit a Summary of findings with due credit to contributions.

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