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Mon Feb 23 2015

Summer Schools: 7th Empirical Methods in Cognitive Linguistics Workshop / Joao Pessoa, Paraiba, Brazil

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Date: 23-Feb-2015
From: Jan Edson Leite <>
Subject: 7th Empirical Methods in Cognitive Linguistics Workshop / Joao Pessoa, Paraiba, Brazil
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7th Empirical Methods in Cognitive Linguistics Workshop / Joao Pessoa, Paraiba, Brazil

Host Institution:
Coordinating Institution:

Dates: 02-Aug-2015 - 09-Aug-2015
Location: Joao Pessoa, Paraiba, Brazil

Focus: The goal of Empirical Methods in Cognitive Linguistics (EMCL) is to facilitate dialogue among language researchers with different methodological backgrounds (i.e. theorists, experimentalists, corpus linguists). We do this by creating an environment where specialists learn from each other by developing a research project together where their various skills are combined.

Minimum Education Level: Undergraduate

Special Qualifications:
No prior experimental or corpus training is required, though an understanding of the theoretical issues is necessary.

The 7th Empirical Methods in Cognitive Linguistics Workshop is being held for language researchers with an embodiment, situated cognition, or cognitive linguistics background. Participants can be at different early stages in their careers, including graduate students and post-grads, post-docs, and junior faculty.

Participants will join one of seven hands-on mini-labs for the duration of the week-long workshop. Each mini-lab will be responsible for completing a joint research project. A select group of students (maximum of eight per group, for
a total of 56) will be invited to participate. Each group will work with two researchers who will guide them in selecting an idea to investigate. They will then participate in structuring and organizing a research project, and carrying it out. The session will end with a mini-conference where findings will be presented, followed by a general discussion.

Please note that the mini-conference will be open to everyone, including, but not limited to, participants of the 7th Conference on Linguistics and Cognition.

Topics include:

- deciding on a research topic
- transforming the research topic into a research question
- developing experimental hypotheses
- designing an experiment to test hypotheses
- making clear predictions based on the design
- data collection
- statistical analysis and interpretation
- presentation of findings to an audience

Linguistic Field(s): Cognitive Science

Subject Languages: English

Tuition: 150 USD

Tuition Explanation: 150 USD (or 360 BRL) is payable by bank transfer or upon arrival by prior arrangement. This fee helps cover the costs of organization and faculty travel.

Registration: 01-Feb-2015 to 28-Feb-2015

Contact Person: Monica Gonzalez-Marquez

Apply by Email:

Registration Instructions:
To apply, please send the following by February 28, 2015.

Note: If English is not your first language, it is not important that your written English be perfect. Please explain your ideas as best you can, following the format you see below. (Si el inglés no es su primer idioma, como candidato/a para nosotros no es importante recibir una solicitud en inglés perfecto. Lo importante es que describa sus ideas lo mejor que pueda siguiendo el formato indicado aquí.)

1. A maximum of 2 written pages (1000 words, excluding references) describing:
- your academic background
- your reasons for wanting to participate
- the research groups you would like to work in and why (please list 3 in order of preference, with number one being your preferred group)
- a brief description of your research interests

All topics listed above must be addressed. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

2. A copy of your curriculum vitae (CV), including a list of any publications. For publications, the names of all authors must appear as only initials for first and last names, (i.e. Farah, Martha -> F.,M.).

Formatting of your application must be as follows:

- Please write 'application' in the subject line.
- All documents must be submitted as a single pdf file, labeled with your full name only (last name first).
- Your CV should appear first. Your name should only appear at the top of your CV and nowhere else.
- Please remove any photographs, as well as references to your age or marital status. Your CV. should only contain professional information beginning with your university training.

Any deviations will result in the application being returned to you for correction.

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