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Confs: General Linguistics/France

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Date: 19-Mar-2015
From: Ora Matushansky <>
Subject: Generative Linguistics in the Old World 38
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Generative Linguistics in the Old World 38
Short Title: GLOW 38

Date: 15-Apr-2015 - 18-Apr-2015
Location: Paris, France
Contact: Isabelle Roy
Contact Email: < click here to access email >
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Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics

Meeting Description:

Generative Linguistics in the Old World 38

April 15-18, 2015
Paris, France

Web Site:

Contact Person: Isabelle Roy
Meeting Email:

The 38th GLOW colloquium will take place on April 15-18, 2015 in Paris. It will be hosted by the lab Structures Formelles du Langage (University of Paris 8 and CNRS) and co-organized with the University of Paris Diderot, Institut Jean Nicod, and INALCO.

The colloquium will also feature two thematic workshops on April 18:

1. The implications of computation and learnability for phonological theory
2. Events and states

Instructions for these workshops will be sent out separately.


Main conference: Wednesday April 15, 2015

Accueil - Welcome

Claire Halpert
Raising Parameters

Winnie Lechner, Giorgos Spathas, Artemis Alexiadou, and Elena Anagnostopoulou
On deriving the typology of repetition and restitution

11:00—11:15 Coffee break

Poster session 1

12:30—14:00 Lunch break

Mythili Menon and Roumyana Pancheva
Decomposing Color Expressions in Malayalam

Jeroen van Craenenbroeck
When statistics met formal linguistics: variation in Dutch verb clusters

16:00—16:15 Coffee break

Monica Irimia
Restructuring and adjectival small clauses

Katalin E. Kiss
The Person Case Constraint and the Inverse Agreement Constraint are manifestations of the same information-structural restriction

18:30— Reception

Main conference: Thursday April 16, 2015

Sabine Iatridou
Conditionals in Turkish and their absence

Hadas Kotek
Intervention everywhere!

11:00—11:15 Coffee break

Poster session 2

12:30—14:00 Lunch break

Timo Klein
A derivational approach to the typology of resumptive patterns

Moshe Elyashiv Bar-Lev
De re tenses and Trace Conversion

16:00—16:15 Coffee break

Beata Moskal
When prefixes can be dominant

GLOW Business meeting

Main conference: Friday April 17, 2015

Beata Moskal, Peter Smith, Ting Xu, Jungmin Kang and Jonathan Bobaljik
A number of cases of pronominal suppletion

Darya Kavitskaya and Peter Staroverov
An Autosegmental Account of Tundra Nenets Glottal Stop

11:00—11:15 Coffee break

Dorothy Ahn and Uli Sauerland
Relative Measures: Implications for the Semantics and Syntax of Pseudo-Partitives

12:15—14:00 Lunch break

Guillaume Thomas
Rising scale segments: additivity, comparison and continuation

Yuko Asada
Transitive-ergative alternation in the domain of P

16:00—16:15 Coffee break

Luka Crnic
Ellipsis, Parallelism, and Polarity

Stefan Keine and Ethan Poole
Intervention in tough-constructions

GlOW Party dinner

Main conference: Alternate papers

Elena Anagnostopoulou
Ordering patterns and the syntax of the Person Case Constraint (PCC)

Nicola Lampitelli and Xiaoliang Luo
Towards a unified representation of the right edge of words

Norbert Corver
Categorial Heads as Adverbial Markers

Chris O'Brien
How to get off an island

Poster Session 1

WooJin Chung
On Korean pro-form kuleh: variation in extractability and size of ellipsis

Michael Hamilton
Feature Inheritance in clausal and verbal domains: Evidence from Mi'gmaq

Jeremy Kuhn
Functional reference in American Sign Language

Joao Costa and Maria Lobo
Features and c-command in the acquisition of syntactic dependencies: arguments against constructionism

Benjamin Storme
Aspectual distinctions in the present tense in Romance and cross-linguistically

Nancy Hedberg and Patricia Schneider-Zioga
Predication, Specification and Information Structure in Kinande

Chris O'Brien
How to get off an island

Norbert Corver
Categorial Heads as Adverbial Markers

Poster Session 2

Nicola Lampitelli and Xiaoliang Luo
Towards a unified representation of the right edge of words

Sarah Ouwayda and Ur Shlonsky
Order in the DP

Lynda Kennedy, Jacopo Romoli, Lyn Tieu and Raffaella Folli
Scope ambiguity in Broca’s aphasia: Evidence for a grammar-specific impairment

Virginia Hill
Syntactic effects of allocutive agreement

Lilla Magyar
The role of universal markedness in Hungarian gemination processes

Matt Barros & Luis Vicente
A remnant-correlate identity condition on ellipsis

Jaehoon Choi
Mapping discourse onto syntax: A case study of Korean jussive clauses

Patrick D Elliott and Gary Thoms
Forming Chains with Covert Copies: Deriving the Locality Restrictions on QR

Program for the workshops will be sent out separately.

All the information is available on the conference website:

Preregistration for the conference is obligatory:

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