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Wed Mar 25 2015

Software: General Linguistics: Annotation Pro

Editor for this issue: Andrew Lamont <>

Date: 23-Mar-2015
From: Katarzyna Klessa <>
Subject: General Linguistics: Annotation Pro
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Annotation Pro: a software platform for phonetic and paralinguistic annotation and perceptual experimentation.

The Annotation Pro software provides a configurable display of the speech signal (spectrogram, waveform), multi-layer categorial, dimensional or numerical annotation. Numerical annotation (e.g. pitch, judgment scales) can also be displayed as charts.

Annotation Pro can also be used to annotate texts independently of speech signals (e.g. for morphological glossing).

Annotation Pro extends the potential of a typical multi-tier annotation tool in two main ways:

- A new type of component based on a graphical feature space representation which supports the annotation of continuous and non-categorial features (e.g., annotation of affective states or emotions in speech using either dimensions or categories - or combining both approaches);
- Perception test options aimed especially (but not exclusively) at testing phonetic hypotheses related to continuous and noncategorial features.

Annotation Pro has a plugin architecture in order enable flexible extension of functionality with user developed options implemented in C#. Existing plugins used in published research are shared at, e.g.:

- TGA + Annotation Pro Plugin,
- SRMA (Speech Rate Moving Average) Plugin.

The set of shared plugins is being continually extended. Comments and suggestions on all aspects of functionality, implementation and interoperability are welcome, and should be sent to

Licence: Annotation Pro is freely available for research and education purposes.
Platform compatibility: Windows OS (porting to other platforms is in progress)
Import/export formats to/from: Praat TextGrid, Transcriber TRS, BOSS Label File BLF, text files, CSV table formats.
Current version:

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics

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