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Wed Jan 14 2015

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Date: 07-Jan-2015
From: Patricia Cabredo Hofherr <>
Subject: Conference on Reference Impersonals
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Conference on Reference Impersonals

Date: 04-Feb-2015 - 05-Feb-2015
Location: Paris, France
Contact: Patricia Cabredo Hofherr
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Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics; Morphology; Semantics; Syntax; Typology

Meeting Description:

The conference focuses on the morphological, syntactic and semantic properties of impersonal pronouns allowing human reference such as English one, they, you, French on, ils, ça, tu, Germanic man/men, Spanish uno and 3pl null subjects (R-impersonals in Siewierska’s terminology).

Invited Speakers:

- Denis Creissels (DDL - Lyon)
- Gilles Polian (CIESAS, San Cristóbal de las Casas)


Salle de conférences, CNRS Pouchet
59 rue Pouchet, 75017 Paris
métro Guy Môquet or Brochant (ligne 13)
Plan/ Map :

This conference is part of the project Towards a typology of human impersonal pronouns (ANR-DFG)

There is no registration fee but please register before the conference.
Please send an email with your name and affiliation to the following address

Mercredi 4 février / Wed 4 February 2015


Conférence invitée / Invited speaker
Denis Creissels (DDL- Lyon)
R-impersonals in Atlantic and Mande languages

11:00-11:30: Coffee


Paulette Roulon (LLACAN - CNRS)
Le cas du pronom impersonnel dans une langue isolante à faible morphologie, le gbaya

12:10-14:00: Déjeuner / lunch


Daniel Van Olmen (Lancaster University), Adri Breed (North-West University Potchefstroom) & Ben Verhoeven (University of Antwerp)
The ’human’ impersonal pronoun in Afrikaans vs European West Germanic


Paula Fenger (U Connecticut)
Dutch men must agree (while Frisian men need not). On the syntactic distribution of dedicated impersonal pronouns


Malgorzata Krzek (Newcastle University)
Clusivity of the null subject pronoun in the Polish -NO/-TO construction

16:00-16:20: Coffee


Volker Gast, Lisa Deringer, Florian Haas & Olga Rudolf (Jena)
Towards a typology of impersonals : Parameters of variation and patterns


Gemma Barberà & Patricia Cabredo Hofherr (UMR 7023, CNRS & Paris 8)
Passive or impersonal ? Evidence from Catalan and Italian Sign Language

Jeudi 5 février / Thur 5 February 2015


Conférencier invité / invited speaker
Gilles Polian (CIESAS, San Cristóbal de las Casas)
R-impersonals in San Pedro Mixtepec Zapotec

10:30-11:00: Coffee


Lisa Deringer, Volker Gast, Florian Haas & Olga Rudolf (Jena)
Empathy and solidarity in impersonal uses of the second person


Patricia Cabredo Hofherr (UMR 7023, CNRS & Paris 8)
R-impersonal pronouns and distributivity

12:20-14h: Lunch


Maria do Pilar Barbosa (CEHUM/Universidade do Minho)
Null (inclusive) impersonals


Silvia Regina de Oliveira Cavalcante (FU, Berlin / U Federal do Rio de Janeiro)
Semantic constraints for the null generic pronoun in Brazilian Portuguese


Eduardo Correa Soares (U. Paris Diderot)
Impersonal null subjects in Brazilian Portuguese

16:00-16:20: Coffee


Frédéric Landragin (Lattice-CNRS, ENS & U. Paris 3)
Coreference in the light of pronouns with indefinite reference

This conference is followed by a Workshop on Sign languages and R-impersonal pronouns on Fri 6th February 2015.
Salle de conférences, CNRS Pouchet
59 rue Pouchet, 75017 Paris
métro Guy Môquet or Brochant (ligne 13)
Plan/ Map :

Workshop website

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