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Mon May 04 2015

Confs: Cognitive Sci, Genetic Classification, Ling & Lit, Neurolinguistics/USA

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Date: 02-May-2015
From: Sean O Nuallain <>
Subject: Foundations of Mind 2
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Foundations of Mind 2
Short Title: FOM

Date: 13-Aug-2015 - 15-Aug-2015
Location: Berkeley, Ca, USA
Contact: Sean O Nuallain
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Linguistic Field(s): Cognitive Science; Genetic Classification; Ling & Literature; Neurolinguistics

Meeting Description:

The Foundations of Mind II Conference: One magisterium?

This conference attempts to create interdisciplinary dialogue about Mind/Nous in a way that transcends a reduction of Mind to psychological process.

Confirmed plenary speakers/panelists include:

Stuart Kauffman (Systems Biology, Seattle)
Terrence W. Deacon (UC Berkeley)
Kevin Padian (UC Berkeley)
Walter Freeman (UC Berkeley)
Henry Stapp (LBL, Berkeley)
Howard Pattee (Binghamton University')
Jacob Needleman (SFSU)
Menas Kafatos
Wolfgang Baer (Nascent)
Len Talmy (U Buffalo)
Swami Prasannatmananda (Vedanta society)
Seán Ó Nualláin (UOI)
Beverly Stokes (Amazing babies moving)
Cynthia Sue Larson (Reality shifters)

More speakers will be added – we are also pleased to host members of the Biohackers and consciousness hackers communities in the Bay area.

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