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Thu May 07 2015

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Date: 06-May-2015
From: Ryo Otoguro <>
Subject: 20th International Lexical Functional Grammar Conference
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20th International Lexical Functional Grammar Conference
Short Title: LFG15

Date: 18-Jul-2015 - 20-Jul-2015
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Contact: Ryo Otoguro
Contact Email: < click here to access email >
Meeting URL:

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics

Meeting Description:

LFG15 welcomes work within the formal architecture of Lexical-Functional Grammar as well as typological, formal, and computational work within the 'spirit of LFG' as a lexicalist approach to language employing a parallel, constraint-based framework. The conference aims to promote interaction and collaboration among researchers interested in non-derivational approaches to grammar, where grammar is seen as the interaction of (perhaps violable) constraints from multiple levels of structuring, including those of syntactic categories, grammatical relations, semantics and discourse.

Further information about LFG as a syntactic theory is available at the following site:

Local conference organizers: Ryo Otoguro (Waseda University), Yasunari Harada (Waseda University), Akira Ishikawa (Sophia University), Michiko Nakano (Waseda University), Sachiko Shudo (Waseda University), Yoshio Ueno (Waseda University)


The main conference will take place between 18 and 20 July,
followed by the workshop on morphology on 21 July.

Friday, 17 July

Pre-Conference Social Event (see the conference website for details)

Day 1: Saturday, 18 July


Miriam Butt, Maike Müller and Mark-Matthias Zymla (University of Konstanz)
Modelling the common ground for discourse particles

Adam Przepiórkowski and Agnieszka Patejuk (Polish Academy of Sciences)
Two representations of negation in LFG: evidence from Polish

11:00-11:30 Coffee Break

I Wayan Arka (ANU / Udayana University)
On the constructed middle in Marori

Anna Kibort (University of Oxford) and Joan Maling (Brandeis University)
Modelling the syntactic ambiguity of the active vs passive impersonal in LFG

13:00-14:30 Lunch

Oleg Belyaev (Russian Academy of Sciences), Mary Dalrymple (University of Oxford) and John Lowe (University of Oxford)
Number mismatches in coordination: an LFG analysis

Dissertation Session Talk

Stephen Jones (University of Oxford)
Number in Meryam Mir

15:45-16:15 Coffee Break

Tibor Laczko (University of Debrecen)
On a realistic LFG treatment of the periphrastic irrealis mood in Hungarian

Shaimaa ElSadek and Louisa Sadler (University of Essex)
Egyptian Arabic perceptual reports

Day 2: Sunday, 19 July

Invited Talk
Andrew Spencer (University of Essex)
Individuating Lexemes in LFG

10:30-11:00 Coffee Break

Mary Dalrymple (University of Oxford)
Morphology in the LFG architecture

Marjolein Poortvliet (University of Oxford)
An LFG approach to nested dependencies in Dutch

Lunch followed by poster session

Tibor Laczko (University of Debrecen)
On negative particles and negative polarity in Hungarian

Agnieszka Patejuk (Polish Academy of Sciences)
Phraseological information in an XLE/LFG grammar of Polish

Rickard Ramhöj (University of Gothenburg)
On clausal subjects and extraposition in the history of English

John Payne and Kersti Börjars (University of Manchester)
Features and selection in LFG: the English VP

Christin Schätzle (University of Konstanz), Kristina Kotcheva (University of Freiburg) and Miriam Butt (University of Konstanz)
The diachronic development of dative subjects in Icelandic

John Lowe (University of Oxford)
Gradual degrammaticalization: a lexical-sharing approach to the evolution of the English possessive

16:00-16:30 Coffee Break

ILFGA Business Meeting

Conference Dinner

Day 3: Monday, 20 July

Dag Haug (University of Oslo) and David Goldstein (University of Vienna)
Clitics and the structure-function mapping in Ancient Greek

John Lowe (University of Oxford) and Oleg Belyaev (Russian Academy of Sciences)
Clitic 'movement' in Ossetic

11:00-11:30 Coffee Break

Tibor Laczko (University of Debrecen)
Focusing on the specific features of Hungarian Spec,VP from an LFG perspective

Kersti Börjars, Safiah Madkhali and John Payne (University of Manchester)
Masdars and mixed category constructions

13:00-14:30 Lunch

Agnieszka Patejuk and Adam Przepiórkowski (Polish Academy of Sciences)
LFG analysis of SIĘ marker in Polish

Marie-Odile Junker and Ida Toivonen (Carleton University)
East Cree ghost participants


Tuesday, 21 July

Workshop on Morphology (visit the conference website for details)


Oleg Belyaev (Russian Academy of Sciences)
Miriam Butt (University of Konstanz)
Mary Dalrymple (University of Oxford)
Ryo Otoguro (Waseda University)
John Payne and Kersti Börjars (University of Manchester)
Andrew Spencer (University of Essex)
Yoshio Ueno (Waseda University)

Program Committee (email:

Ida Toivonen(Carleton University)
John Lowe (University of Oxford)

Local conference organizers (Email:

Ryo Otoguro (Waseda University)
Yasunari Harada (Waseda University)
Akira Ishikawa (Sophia University)
Michiko Nakano (Waseda University)
Sachiko Shudo (Waseda University)
Yoshio Ueno (Waseda University)

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