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Tue Jul 07 2015

FYI: Open Review of Grammatical Theory Book

Editor for this issue: Ashley Parker <>

Date: 07-Jul-2015
From: Stefan Müller <>
Subject: Open Review of Grammatical Theory Book
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Dear Colleagues,

A further comment about Open Review and the grammatical theory textbook:

The idea of Open Review as we see it at Language Science Press is to get everybody involved and get better books in the end. After the initial submission of manuscripts we have a peer review (at least two external reviewers) and this is followed by an optional Open Review phase. The Open Review phase allows everybody to comment, that is, it is open for PhD students, who would normally not be asked in the peer reviewing phase. However, I think that many of the PhD students have more time then the peers and are more specialized in the area of their PhD. So this is a valuable resource.

Last week I took part at a workshop and participants said: ''Yes, Open Review is a great idea but a 700 page book ...''. The open reviews do not have to be reviews of complete books. Reviewers can comment on individual chapters or even smaller units. In the grammar theory textbook experts on a certain framework (GB, Minimalism, HPSG, LFG, CG, CxG, DG, TAG) may comment on this framework. There are general topics that may be commented on.

This is the TOC:

- In­tro­duc­tion
- Phrase Struc­ture Gram­mar
- Trans­for­ma­tion­al Gram­mar – Gov­ern­ment & Bind­ing
- Trans­for­ma­tion­al Gram­mar – Min­i­mal­ism
- Gen­er­al­ized Phrase Struc­ture Gram­mar
- Fea­ture De­scrip­tions
- Lex­i­cal Func­tion­al Gram­mar
- Cat­e­go­ri­al Gram­mar
- Head-​Driv­en Phrase Struc­ture Gram­mar
- Con­struc­tion Gram­mar
- De­pen­den­cy Gram­mar
- Tree Ad­join­ing Gram­mar
- Innateness of lin­guis­tic knowl­edge
- Gen­er­a­tive-​enu­mer­a­tive vs. mod­el-​the­o­ret­ic ap­proach­es
- Com­pe­tence/per­for­mance dis­tinc­tion
- Lan­guage ac­qui­si­tion
- Bi­na­ry branch­ing
- Gen­er­a­tive ca­pac­i­ty and gram­mat­i­cal for­malisms
- Lo­cal­i­ty
- Re­cur­sion
- Empty El­e­ments
- Ex­trac­tion, scram­bling, and pas­sive: one or sev­er­al de­scrip­tive de­vices?
- Phrasal vs. lex­i­cal anal­y­ses
- Uni­ver­sal Gram­mar and com­par­a­tive lin­guis­tics with­out UG Con­clu­sion

The reviewing software allows annotations in the PDF: but of course more traditional forms of reviews are possible as well.

Reviewers will be rewarded in our gamification system (to be
implemented). For now there is a hall of fame:

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