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Tue Jul 07 2015

Confs: Morphology, Phonology, Pragmatics, Semantics, Syntax/Germany

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Date: 07-Jul-2015
From: Hedde Zeijlstra <>
Subject: GLOW39 - Workshop on Phonological and Syntactic Representation of Speech Acts
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GLOW39 - Workshop on Phonological and Syntactic Representation of Speech Acts

Date: 08-Apr-2016 - 08-Apr-2016
Location: Göttingen, Germany
Contact: Guido Mensching
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Linguistic Field(s): Morphology; Phonology; Pragmatics; Semantics; Syntax

Meeting Description:

The workshop aims to bring together linguists investigating speech acts or illocutionary acts, such as assertions, questions, and orders (for a definition of speech acts, see Bierwisch 1980; Sadock & Zwicky 1985; Recanati 1987; Krifka 2014). The workshop is particularly interested in the relations among speech acts as well as their syntactic and phonological encodings. Do different speech acts show specific phonological and/or syntactic patterns? As to the phonological side, one important topic is the intonation contour of speech acts (cf. D'Imperio et al. 2002; Gili-Fivela 2013; Vanrell et al. 2013; Truckenbrodt 2004, 2015). What speech act-specific intonation contours do different languages exhibit, and how is the variation to be understood? How do phonological features contribute to the perception and interpretation of speech acts?

The workshop will address topics such as the following: syntactic encodings of speech acts (negative imperatives, clause-type features, etc.), the (non-)embeddability of speech acts (cf. Sadock & Zwicky 1985; Reis 1997; Speas & Tenny 2003; Haegeman & Hill 2010; Coniglio 2011; Miyagawa 2012; Munaro & Poletto 2003, 2009; Castroviejo 2006; Potts 2003; but see Crnic & Trinh 2009 and Krifka 2014 for some speech act-embedding predicates), and the licensing of certain movement phenomena in speech acts (e.g. topic movements; see Frascarelli & Hinterhölzl 2007). Another important question is whether speech acts have a more complex syntactic structure, which could be taken as an argument for a special syntactic projection (cf. Speas & Tenny 2003; Haegeman 2014). This workshop is of interest to a broad audience working on the syntax and/or phonology of speech acts.

Invited Speakers:

Haegeman, Liliane (Ghent University)
Miyagawa, Shigeru (MIT)
Prieto Vives, Pilar (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

See the submission page of the GLOW 39 website for the specific details.

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