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Mon Jul 20 2015

FYI: Update: Bedtime Readings in Linguistics

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Date: 20-Jul-2015
From: Karen Chung <>
Subject: Update: Bedtime Readings in Linguistics
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On September 4, 2013, I posted the message below to the LINGUIST List asking for suggestions for books to add to Prof. Edith Moravcsik’s wonderful “Bedtime Readings in Linguistics” list. I received a lot of excellent suggestions, but subsequently had to attend to other priorities, and have only recently gotten back to this project.

I’ve added all the suggestions I received, plus a few of my own, reformatted the entire list, and have saved it as a pdf file and uploaded it to my homepage. It was highly labor-intensive and time consuming, which is another reason why it’s taken so long to complete. I checked most of the books on Amazon, and have listed newer editions where possible, but wasn’t able to do this thoroughly for all of the works. Cities of publication are generally not listed, so some of these may be incorrect. Some of the readings are actually not so “light,” but I felt they were worth including nevertheless.

Here are the first few listings, so you can get an idea of what’s in the list:

Abley, Mark. 2003. Spoken Here: Travels Among Threatened Languages. New York: Houghton Mifflin.

Acquaviva, Paolo. 2008. Lexical Plurals: A Morphosemantic Approach (Oxford Studies in Theoretical Linguistics). Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Adams, Michael. 2011. From Elvish to Klingon: Exploring Invented Languages. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Aitchison, Jean. l983 (2nd ed.). The articulate mammal: an introduction to psycholinguistics. London: Hutchinson.

The list certainly contains many errors and inconsistencies, and is far from complete, but I believe it will be of some value to the world linguistics community, so I am posting it now, having done my best on it for the time being. Please do not take omission of any particular work as personal – probably nobody suggested it, and I missed it myself.

Corrections, additions (including of your own works), and suggestions for improvement are very welcome! Please send them to Karen Chung at, and I’ll update as I am able.

The list (pdf):

Or link to the file from the homepage:

Heartfelt thanks to all of the contributors to this update!
- Suzanne Aalberse :
- Jenny Audring:
- Peter Backhaus:
- Renato Miguel Basso:
- Mary Jill Broday:
- Paul Chapin:
- Madalena Cruz-Ferreira:
- Peter T. Daniels:
- Sónia Duarte:
- Susanne Flach:
- María José García Folgado:
- Alexander Krosovitsky:
- Chao-Yang Lee:
- Gretchen McCulloch:
- Fiona Mc Laughlin :
- Aya Meltzer-Asscher:
- Dennis R. Preston:
- Laura C. Robinson:
- Daniel Ross:
- Thomas Schwaiger:
- Stefan Karl Serwe:
- Marc Sim:
- Michael Swan:
- Richard Watson: Todd
- Anna Volkova:
- Philip Wheatley:
- Joanna L. Wood:

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