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Mon Aug 03 2015

Confs: French Regional Languages, Anthropological Ling, General Ling, Socioling/UK

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Date: 03-Aug-2015
From: Aurelie Joubert <>
Subject: French Regional Languages Conference
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French Regional Languages Conference
Short Title: FRL

Date: 25-Sep-2015 - 25-Sep-2015
Location: Leicester, United Kingdom
Contact: Aurelie Joubert
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Linguistic Field(s): Anthropological Linguistics; General Linguistics; Sociolinguistics

Subject Language(s): Basque; Breton; Catalan-Valencian-Balear; Corsican; Creole French, Seselwa; Francoprovençal; French; German, Swiss; Occitan; Vlaams

Meeting Description:

The Regional Languages of France: Challenges and Opportunities in the Twenty-First Century

Les langues régionales de France: défis et opportunités au 21ème siècle

An exciting upcoming conference at the University of Leicester will gather experts on the field of French language policies and planning with a particular focus on regional languages.

Keynote speaker (confirmed): Dr Leigh Oakes, Queen Mary University of London



Panel 1: Language policy and education

Nathalie Auger, Christelle Dodane, Fabrice Hirsch and Nathalie Matheu,
''La langue gitane: d'une langue minorée à une langue régionale retrouvée''

Eneritz Zabaleta
''The public policy regarding Basque Language in France: results and prospect from a legal perspective''

Panel 2: Language and the Internet

Alexandra Jaffe
''Language and Place: Old and New connections on a Corsican language Facebook Page''

Jean-Michel Eloy, Fanny Martin and Cécile Mathieu (TBC)
''La langue picarde sur l'internet: une langue qui se voit''


Panel 3: Language policy and authority

Aurélie Cauchard and Julia Sallabank
''Status and vitality of New Caledonian Kanak languages: the impact of top-down policies and speakers' perceptions on language maintenance''

Geoffrey Roger
''Langues de France et Charte européenne des langues régionales ou minoritaires : regard critique sur les arguments des opposants à la ratification

Judith Broadridge and Dawn Marley
''Two regional languages revisited''

Panel 4: Language classification

Patrick Sean McCrea
''The persistent Challenges of the Langues d'oïl: Picard in Picardy as an Illustration''

Jean-Christophe Dourdet
''Représentations des langues régionales : conflits sur la question de la normalisation en occitan limousin et en poitevin-saintongeais''

Vincent Rivière
''Microcosme sociolinguistique occitan en zone périurbaine''

Keynote: Leigh Oakes
''Rethinking language rights in France: a normative language policy approach''


Panel 5: Cultural productions

Hervé Baudry
''Editer en Breton au 21ème siècle''

Mercè Mitjavila Franch
''How can we explain the presence of Catalan writers in French Catalonia today?''

Panel 6: Status and visibility

Natalia Bremner
''Reconceptualising the Réunionese Linguistic Landscape: from bilingual to Translingual''

Will Amos
''Redefining Multilingual signs in the Linguistic Landscape: Discursive content and text-types on street signs in Toulouse''


Panel 7: Linguistic conscience

Aya Sano
''La transition et la diversité des consciences linguistiques : le cas du francoprovençal »

James Hawkey
''The regional languages of France and the construction of identities: present-day consequences of the Grande Révolte du Midi''

Giovanni Depau
''Conscience linguistique, transmission et valorisation du francoprovençal dans l'arc alpin français »

Panel 8: Language and transmission

Talwyn Baudu
''Understanding Breton speakers' attitudes and challenges in revitalizing language transmission within the family''

Michelle Harrison
''The influence of teachers' language attitudes on the use of regional language varieties in the classroom in Alsace''

Jonathan Kasstan
''On ''new'' speakers of Francoprovençal and issues of authenticity and ownership''

Roundtable chaired by Michel Alessio, Délégation générale à la langue française et aux langues de France

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