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Thu Aug 13 2015

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Date: 12-Aug-2015
From: Regina Morin <>
Subject: 44th Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Association of the Southwest
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44th Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Association of the Southwest
Short Title: LASSO 2015

Date: 10-Sep-2015 - 13-Sep-2015
Location: Lake Havasu, Arizona, USA
Contact: Regina Morin
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Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics

Meeting Description:

44th Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Association of the Southwest

September 10-13, 2015
Lake Havasu, Arizona
Hosted by ASU Colleges at Lake Havasu City

Conference Theme: Shifting Language Borders: Migration, Immigration and Social Demographics

Keynote speaker: Jennifer Leeman, George Mason University.

LASSO Membership:

Participation in LASSO is a privilege of membership; this means that an individual must be a current member in order to present a paper and be listed in the conference program. You may fill out a membership form at the same time you register for the conference online. Membership includes a subscription to the Southwest Journal of Linguistics.


Linguistic Association of the Southwest, 44th Annual Meeting Conference
ASU Colleges at Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Friday, September 11, 2015

Conference Theme:

Three systems of fillers in the Spanish of the San Diego-Tijuana Border Area
R Mata and John Moore, University of California, San Diego

City life and country living: The current sociolinguistic state of urban and rural Spanish speakers in the United States
Devin Jenkins, University of Colorado Denver

Is Spanish a Heritage or a National Language in the U.S.? It’s Location, Location and Location…
Daniel J. Villa, New Mexico State University

Applied Linguistics:

Service-Learning and heritage language education
Amàlia Llombart-Huesca and Alejandra Pulido, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Teaching Sociolinguistics Online: Best Practices
Patricia MacGregor-Mendoza, New Mexico State University

The intersection of income, language use, and attitudes towards code switching in academic presentations
José Briceño, Palomar College, Michelle F. Ramos Pellicia, California State University, San Marcos

Phonetics and Phonology:

An Acoustic Analysis of the Guatemalan Spanish Trill: The Disparity between Social and Linguistic Factors
Sarah Little, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Centralización y alternancia vocálica en dos dialectos radicales
Miguel Rincón, Bellarmine University

Proximity as a predictor in the cross-dialectal categorization of regional sounds
Lauren B. Schmidt, San Diego State University

Language Maintenance and Revitilization:

Razones por las cuales el 70% de las lenguas indígenas del Nuevo Mundo desaparecieron y el resto están en serio peligro
Hugo A. Mejías, The University of Texas-Pan American

Hindi language maintenance and loss in the USA
Monica Thukral and Andrew Simpson, University of Southern California

Formal Linguistics:

The Distributed Morphology Approach to Case Feature Assignment in Mengrelian Nouns
Leila Lomashvili, Shawnee State University

Problematizing Prohibitionism
Juan J. Colomina-Almiñana, The University of Texas at Austin

Mood Alternation and Polysemy in Spanish Evaluative and Volitive Pseudo-Cleft Constructions
Robert Sanzo, University of New Hampshire

Special Session:

Preparing Yourself for the Languages and Linguistics Job Market


Accents in the classroom and student – professor interactions
Aaron Fitzpatrick and Michelle F. Ramos Pellicia, California State University, San Marcos

No me hagas sentir vieja”: The loss of usted in Uruguayan Spanish
María Irene Moyna, Texas A & M University

Do patterns of child code-switching align with proficiency or language background?: An analysis of grammatical and functional patterns among heritage speakers and L2 learners
Katherine O’Donnell Christoffersen, University of New Mexico

Dialectal Variation in Spanish Word Order: A Test of the Split Intransitivity Hierarchy
Aaron Roggia, Oklahoma State University.

Contact Linguistics:

Los préstamos léxicos en español: Una comparación del lenguaje de la tecnología y de la moda
Damián Robles García and Regina Morin, The College of New Jersey

It's not as if salí de out of nowhere¨: Validating and normalizing code switching on a bilingual radio station in Los Angeles, California
Jillian Siehlmann, University of Northern Iowa

Language choice on a Spanish-English bilingual radio station
Chase Wesley Raymond, University of California, Los Angeles

Special Session:

Publishing in IJLASSO: Jill Brody and Jeremy King, Louisiana State University. IJLASSO Editors

Plenary Address:

Conference Theme: Shifting Language Borders: Migration, Immigration and Social Demographics
Keynote Speaker: Jennifer Leeman, George Mason University

Saturday, September 12, 2015


Pragmalinguistic and Sociopragmatic Variation: Refusing among Spanish heritage speakers
Vanessa Elias, Indiana University

This is Crazy…Just Sayin’
Danielle Alfandre, ASU Colleges at Lake Havasu City

A Cross-Dialectal study of Pragmatic Markers
Sarah Sinnott, Benedictine College

Negative más in Argentinian Spanish
Mary Johnson, Occidental College


The Next Step in Understanding Perceptions of Spanish & English: Oral Stimuli and the Implicit Association Test
Salvatore Callesano, University of Texas at Austin, Phillip M. Carter, Florida International University

El Profesor Súper O” y su lucha por la “justicia idiomática”: Un cuestionamiento de los usos del humor y la raza en la promoción del español normativo
Angela Pinilla-Herrera, Georgia Southern University, Adriana Gordillo, Minnesota State University

“I’m on top of the world”: Representations of Elite Language Practices in a Peruvian TV Sitcom
Theresa Renker, University of New Hampshire

Anthropological Linguistics:

Communicating Emotions in the Narratives of Patients with Medically Unexplained Symptoms (MUS)
Agnieszka Sowińska, Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland

Talking about Silence: Queer Latinx’s narratives about not coming out
Holly Cashman, University of New Hampshire

What Determines Matiz Racial?: Language as a Frame for Unpacking the Internal and External Characteristics of Racial Terms in the Dominican Republic
Eva Michelle Wheeler, University of California, Santa Barbara

Crossing Embodiment Boundaries in Hobongan: Variations in Metaphor and Grounding
Marla Perkins, Independent Scholar, Student at Northern Arizona University

Discourse/Text Analysis:

Houston, we have solved our problem: A critical discourse analysis of La Voz de Houston
Megan Strom, Luther College

Exploring the Discursive Construction of Heritage Language Learners
Alfredo Urzúa , San Diego State University

Blurring Borders across Languages and Modes: An Analysis of Code-Switching in U.S. Latino Slam Poetry
Ian Liu and Joseph Kern, University of Arizona

A Metaphor Analysis of Immigration Emigration, and Migration on Both Sides of the Border
Oana David, University of California, Berkeley

Applied Linguistics:

Producción de /p, t, k/ en palabras cognadas y no cognadas de aprendices de español como segunda lengua
Mónica de la Fuente Iglesias, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

The Effects of Morphological Awareness on Spanish Heritage Language Learners Spelling
Amàlia Llombart-Huesca, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

The Service/Learning Disconnect: Problematizing Community Engagement in Spanish
Elise DuBord, University of Northern Iowa

Special Session: The Future of IJLASSO

Presidential Address: Pamela Anderson Mejias, The University of Texas-Pan American

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