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Mon Aug 31 2015

Summer Schools: The Language-Gesture Connection / Oulu, Finland

Editor for this issue: Ashley Parker <>

Date: 28-Aug-2015
From: Pentti Haddington <>
Subject: The Language-Gesture Connection / Oulu, Finland
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The Language-Gesture Connection / Oulu, Finland

Host Institution: University of Oulu
Coordinating Institution: University of Oulu

Dates: 22-Oct-2015 - 24-Oct-2015
Location: Oulu, Finland

Focus: Gesture is not an add-on to language. Rather, language and gesture are integrated and synchronised elements of everyday interaction; they represent two sides of the same communicative process. This seminar is prompted by the recent emergence of interdisciplinary research focusing on the connection between language and gesture. It focuses on the relationship and connection between language and gesture in social interaction, and in particular on how linguistic forms and gestures are integrated in speech production, and how utterance and interaction meanings are derived from speech-gesture combinations.

Minimum Education Level: MA

Invited Guests:

- Professor Jürgen Streeck, University of Texas, Austin, USA (
- Dr. Silva Ladewig, European University Viadrina, Frankfurt, Germany (
- Dr. Tommi Jantunen, University of Jyväskylä, Finland (


- Eudaimonia Research Centre for Human Sciences (University of Oulu)
- EUDA-DP Doctoral Programme (University of Oulu)
- Langnet Doctoral Programme
- COACT research community

Seminar Language: English

This international seminar is open to all scholars, researchers and Ph.D. students interested in language, interaction and gesture. We encourage scholars working with less-researched languages to also participate in and bring their video data to the seminar.

Workshop activities:

- Plenaries by the invited guests
- Data sessions in which participants have the opportunity to present their video data to be discussed and analysed together.
The aim of data sessions is to help presenters progress their research or to identify and discuss potential new findings. Therefore, it is not necessary to present final results or special research foci.
- Collaborative article workshops in which the participants discuss and work together on the basis of four pre-assigned articles on the seminar theme.

Linguistic Field(s): Neurolinguistics

Tuition: 0 EUR

Tuition Explanation: There is no participation fee. Langnet (Finnish Doctoral Programme) covers the travel and accommodation expenses to those doctoral students who are currently members of the Langnet doctoral programme. Other participants are responsible for covering their own travel and accommodation costs.

Registration: 28-Aug-2015 to 25-Sep-2015

Contact Person: Pentti Haddington

Apply by Email:

Registration Instructions:
Register for the workshop by sending an email to Joonas Råman ( by Friday, 25 September 2015. In your email, include your name, affiliation and contact information. If you plan to present your data, add a short description (100-150 words) of your research project and the data you plan to present. Finally, let us know if you are a member of the Langnet Doctoral Programme.

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