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Wed Sep 16 2015

Confs: Typology/France

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Date: 15-Sep-2015
From: Katarzyna Janic <>
Subject: Transalpine Typology Meeting
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Transalpine Typology Meeting
Short Title: TTM

Date: 08-Oct-2015 - 09-Oct-2015
Location: Lyon, France
Contact: Denis Creissels, Brigitte Pakendorf Katarzyna Janic
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Linguistic Field(s): Typology

Meeting Description:

The Transalpine Typology Meeting was first held in Bern in 2009 and then in Pavia in 2010, and in Zurich in 2013. The main aim of the previous meetings was to intensify the contacts and collaboration between students and researchers of linguistic typology on both sides of the Alps. Contributions covered many aspects of linguistic typology, and the friendly and informal atmosphere made these meetings very fruitful in terms of scientific exchange. The 4th TTM in Lyon will seek to continue that tradition.


Thursday 8 October 2015

Session 1 (Elise Rivet room; chairperson: Françoise Rose)

Simone Mattiola (Pavia)
Pluractionality in a cross-linguistic perspective

Sandra Auderset (Zurich)
The diachronic connection between person and voice

11.00-11.20 Coffee break (Elise Rivet room)

Session 2 (Elise Rivet room; chairperson: Silvia Luraghi)

Dominique Knuchel (Bern/Stockholm)
A typological overview of egophoric marking with peripheral participant

Manuel Widmer (Zurich)
Towards a diachronic typology of egophoricity

12.30-14.00 Lunch break (Cafeteria)

Session 3 (Elise Rivet room; chairperson: Antoine Guillaume)

Silvia Luraghi (Pavia)
Partitive case markers and indefiniteness: a diachronic survey

Françoise Rose (Lyon)
When grammatical gender and genderlects interact

Natalia Eraso (Lyon)
Gender and classifiers in Tanimuka: cross-linguistic perspectives

15.45-16.15 Coffee break (Elise Rivet room)

Session 4 (Elise Rivet room; chairperson: Brigitte Pakendorf)

Giorgio Arcodia (Milano), Chiara Melloni (Verona) and Bianca Basciano (Venice)
Total reduplication of verbs in the East and Southeast Asian Area

Hanna Thiele, Niko Partanen & Michael Rießler (Freiburg)
Exploring constituent order variation in selected languages of the Barents Sea area

Joshua Wilbur (Freiburg)
Utterance-Final Weakening. Discourse-level prosody as an areal feature in far Northern Europe

Session 5 (Elise Rivet room; chairperson: Frans Plank)

Denis Creissels (Lyon)
Towards a typology of argument coding systems

Friday 9 October 2015

Antoine Guillaume (Lyon)
Reconstructing the history of ergative marking and alignment change in core argument pronouns and NPs in Takanan languages (Amazonian Bolivia & Peru)

Katarzyna Janic (Lyon)
Is antipassive truly asymmetrical to passive?

11.00-11.20 Coffee break (Elise Rivet room)

Session 6 (Elise Rivet room; chairperson: Katarzyna Janic)

Sonia Cristofaro (Pavia)
From synchronically oriented typology to source oriented typology: Implicational universals as emergent phenomena

Frans Plank (Konstanz)
Language-particular grammar, typology, and abstract representations

12.30-14.00 Lunch break (Cafeteria)

Session 7 (Elise Rivet room; chairperson: Sonia Cristofaro)

Kristina Kotcheva (Freiburg)
Agglutination in North Germanic

Adam Tallman (Lyon/Austin)
‘The typology of morphological and phonological synthesis in the Americas’

15.10-15-30 Coffee break (Elise Rivet room)

Session 8 (Elise Rivet room; chairperson: Denis Creissels)

Caroline Imbert (Grenoble)
Path coding and morpheme ordering in complex predicates

Anna Sörés (Lyon)
Subordinate clauses expressing spatial relationships. A cross-linguistic study

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