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Mon Oct 05 2015

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Date: 02-Oct-2015
From: Karen Miller <>
Subject: PSUxLing: Penn State Undergraduate Exhibition in Hispanic and General Linguistics
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PSUxLing: Penn State Undergraduate Exhibition in Hispanic and General Linguistics

Date: 16-Oct-2015 - 16-Oct-2015
Location: University Park, Pennsylvania, USA
Contact: Karen Miller
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Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics

Meeting Description:

Penn State University is pleased to announce the second annual Penn State Undergraduate Exhibition in Hispanic and General Linguistics (PSUxLing2) to be held on October 16, 2015. PSUxLing is an annual conference that is dedicated to promoting excellence in undergraduate research in linguistics. High quality undergraduate linguistics research projects will be showcased at a two-hour poster session where undergraduates will gain experience in and learn about research in the language sciences. Travel awards will be provided to students whose abstracts receive the highest scores during the review process and who are traveling to Penn State from another campus.

Keynote Speakers:

Dr. Anna María Escobar (University of Illinois)
Dr. Jorge Valdes Kroff (University of Florida)


October 16, 2015

8:30 - 9:15 am
Keynote Speaker: Anna María Escobar (University of Illinois), 127 Moore

9:30 - 10:15 am
Keynote Speaker: Jorge Valdes Kroff (University of Florida), 127 Moore

1:00 - 3:00 pm
PSUxLing2 Undergraduate Poster Session in the HUB Robeson Building

Undergraduate Poster Presentations:

1. Orren Arad-Neeman (Ponoma College, Advisor: Melinda Fricke) Disfluent windows into bilingual speech planning: Evidence from spontaneous codeswitching

2. Amelia Weiss and Sarah Fairchild (University of Deleware, Advisor: Anna Papafragou) Cues for categorization in bilinguals and monolinguals

3. Evan Greenwald and Alicia LeClair (University of Massachusetts, Advisor: Megan Armstrong) L2 perception of Spanish palatal allophones and the effect of study abroad

4. Mark Balderston (Middlebury College, Advisor: Marcos Rohena Madrazo) Methodological efficacy vs. socio-pragmatic obstacles: a study of tu-você elicitation in Florianópolis, Brazil

5. Gian Zlupko (Franklin & Marshall College, Advisor: Jessica Cox) Influence of Affective Cues on Memory Retrieval in Bilinguals

6. Nora Adams (Bucknell University, Advisors: Heidi Lorimor and Carrie Jackson) Repetition modulates the range of learning in subject-verb agreement

7. Songnan QUAN and Xiaoshi HU (Beijing Foreign Studies University, Advisor: Jia TAN) Dialects’ affection on French voiced-stops acquisition by Chinese: A study with VOT analysis

8. Rachel Painter (Penn State University, Advisors: Cynthia Lukyanenko and Karen Miller) Children's Processing of Variable Plural Marking

9. Delaney Wilson (Penn State University, Advisors: Marianna Nadeu and Janet van Hell) An acoustic analysis of Spanish-English code-switched sentences by habitual and non-habitual code-switchers

10. Kathleen E. Ammerman (Penn State University, Advisor: Janet van Hell) Lexical processing in child and adult beginning second language learners of Spanish

11. Margaret Featherstone and Alaina Eck (Penn State University, Advisors: Cynthia Lukyanenko and Karen Miller) Learning to Disagree: A corpus analysis investigating the acquisition of variable agreement neutralization

12. Felix Huitian (Penn State University, Advisor: Matt Carlson) Crosslinguistic Phonotactic Constraints in Bilingual Speech Perception

13. Alexandra Nyman (Rutgers University, Advisor: Bruce Tesar) Learnability of Insertion and Deletion

14. Katie Wozniak (Queens College, Advisor: Bill Haddican) Phonological Change and GOAT/GOOSE fronting in Tyneside English: Acoustic Analysis of the Northern Englishes Corpus

15. Brigid Connolly (Villanova University, Advisor: Julio Villa-García) Bilingual Education in Nebraska: The Promise of Dual Language Programs as a Response to Social Justice Concerns

16. Nicole Frez, Javier Miranda, Kamila Albornoz, Nicolás Jaña, and Pablo Rubilar (Universidad de Chile, Advisor: Carmen Julia Coloma) Reading comprehension in Specific Language Impairment (SLI). Relations with narrative comprehension, inference, vocabulary and decoding

17. Jack Dimidio (Penn State University, Advisor: Carrie Jackson) Using prosodic cues to facilitate predictive processing of case marking information among L2 German speakers

18. Angie Galofre (Penn State University, Advisor: Giuli Dussias) Priming effects of code-switching

19. Jacqueline Katzev (Penn State University, Advisors: Marianna Nadeu) Syntactic and Prosodic Marking of Contrastive Focus in Spanish-English Bilinguals

20. Laura Schubel (Penn State University, Advisor: Janet Van Hell) How does experience with foreign accented speech influence sentence comprehension? A neuropragmatic approach to language processing

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