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Mon Nov 09 2015

Qs: Readings on Multilingualism for class

Editor for this issue: Anna White <>

Date: 08-Nov-2015
From: Eva J Daussa <>
Subject: Readings on Multilingualism for class
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I am teaching an intro undergrad course on Multilingualism next semester. I am looking for recommendations for INTRO readings or audiovisual material that worked in your classes or you particularly like on the list of topics below (of the type: ''if I had to choose ONE reading, it would be...''). I promise to post a summary of all responses and my syllabus by X-mas. Thanks!

First language acquisition and development (mono and multilingual)
Functional versus formal approaches to linguistics
Nature vs nurture
Linguistic relativity
Critical period debate (including input, frequency, etc. studies)
Modularity/all purpose mind debate
Bilingualism/multilingualism in general
Language contact phenomena
Intelligence --approaches and definitions, including non-human
Cognitive effects of multilingualism (executive control, etc.)
Non-cognitive aspects: identity, etc.

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics

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