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Tue Nov 17 2015

TOC: Canadian Modern Language Review 71/4 (2015)

Editor for this issue: Andrew Lamont <>

Date: 17-Nov-2015
From: Tamara Hawkins <>
Subject: Canadian Modern Language Review Vol. 71, No. 4 (2015)
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Publisher: University of Toronto Press

Journal Title: Canadian Modern Language Review
Volume Number: 71
Issue Number: 4
Issue Date: 2015

Subtitle: From second language pedagogy to the pedagogy of ‘plurilingualism’: a possible paradigm shift?

Main Text:

Canadian Modern Language Review/ La Revue canadienne des langues vivantes
Volume 71, Number 4, November 2015

From second language pedagogy to the pedagogy of ‘plurilingualism’: a possible paradigm shift? / De la didactique des langues à la didactique du plurilinguisme : un changement de paradigme possible ?

Enrica Piccardo and Isabelle Capron Puozzo

Enrica Piccardo and Isabelle Capron Puozzo

Laying Down Pale Memories:Learners Reflecting on Language, Self, and Other in the Middle-School Drama-Languages Classroom
Julia Rothwell

Autonomous Pluralistic Learning Strategies Among Mexican Indigenous and Minority University Students Learning English
Colette Despagne

A Comparison of L2 and L3 Learners’ Strategy Use in School Settings
Åsta Haukås

Un code-switching inédit en classe de langue : la déromanisation graphique et morphosyntaxique de la L2
Manale Aref and Mohamed Aref

Language Choice Among Peers in Project-Based Learning: A Hong Kong Case Study of English Language Learners’ Plurilingual Practices in Out-of-Class Computer-Mediated Communication
Christoph A. Hafner, David C.S. Li, and Lindsay Miller

Didactique du plurilinguisme et alternance de codes : le cas de l’enseignement bilingue précoce
Laurent Gajo and Gabriela Steffen

Book and Software Reviews / Critiques de Livres et de Logiciels

Plurilingual Education: Policies – Practices – Language Development
Enrica Piccardo

Processing Perspectives on Task Performance
Rika Tsushima and Martin Guardado

The CEFR in Practice
Larry Vandergrift

Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics
                            Discourse Analysis
                            Language Acquisition

Subject Language(s): Arabic, Standard (arb)
                            Chinese, Mandarin (cmn)
                            English (eng)
                            French (fra)
                            German (deu)
                            Norwegian Bokmål (nob)

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