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Fri Nov 20 2015

Books: From Tur Abdin to Hadramawt: Davidovich, Lahdo, Lindquist (eds.)

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Date: 11-Nov-2015
From: Krista Zimmer <>
Subject: From Tur Abdin to Hadramawt: Davidovich, Lahdo, Lindquist (eds.)
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Title: From Tur Abdin to Hadramawt
Subtitle: Semitic Studies. Festschrift in Honour of Bo Isaksson on the occasion of his retirement
Published: 2014
Publisher: ISD, Distributor of Scholarly Books

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Editor: Tal Davidovich
Editor: Ablahad Lahdo
Editor: Torkel Lindquist
Hardback: ISBN: 9783447102650 Pages: 207 Price: U.S. $ 92.00

From Tur Abdin to Hadramawt is a festschrift in honor of Professor Bo Isaksson, Uppsala University, on the occasion of his retirement. The volume consists of articles presenting different aspects of research in the field of semitic languages, with a special emphasis on research fields Professor Isaksson himself has taken an interest in; that is, among others, studies on morpho-syntactical issues, and studies of Modern Colloquial Arabic and Neo-Aramaic.

Eran Cohen contributes a study on presentatives in Biblical Hebrew and Neo-Aramaic, and Lutz Edzard has written on epexegetical genitive in the Sura-titles of the Quran. Helene Kammensjö has written on pace and circumstance in oral Arabic narration, Geoffrey Khan on infinitives and verbal nouns in Neo-Aramaic (Urmi), and Ablahad Lahdo on the Neo-Aramaic dialect of Bequsyone. Torkel Lindquist's article is on circumstantial qualifiers in MSA and Modern Hebrew, Stig Norin's on Biblical Hebrew from the 2nd century A.D., and Sina Tezel's on the comparative method on MCA and related subjects. Werner Arnold has written on the Arabic dialect of Lydda, Tal Davidovich on vocalization and case endings in Judeo Yemenite, Maria Persson on verb form switch as marker of discourse hierarchy in Syrian MCA, and Stephan Procházka on plural pronouns in MCA. Joseph Saouk contributes his article on the Arabic dialect of Qellef, Shabo Talay has written on the Mesopotamian-Levantine dialect continuum, and Aziz Tezel on quadriradical verbal formations in MCA. Finally, Gail Ramsay has written on eco-aspects in Modern Arabic literature. (Harrassowitz Verlag 2014)

Linguistic Field(s): Historical Linguistics

Subject Language(s): Arabic, Judeo-Yemeni (jye)
                            Arabic, Mesopotamian (acm)
                            Arabic, North Levantine (apc)
                            Arabic, South Levantine (ajp)
                            Arabic, Standard (arb)
                            Hebrew (heb)
                            Hebrew, Ancient (hbo)
                            Neo-Aramaic, Assyrian (aii)
Language Family(ies): Semitic
Areal Regions: Near Eastern

Written In: English (eng)

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