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Wed Nov 25 2015

FYI: Call for Papers: Identity in the Context of Plurality

Editor for this issue: Ashley Parker <>

Date: 25-Nov-2015
Subject: Call for Papers: Identity in the Context of Plurality
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Call for papers
“Identity in the context of plurality”
Category: Essay collection
Organisation: Université de La Réunion, France
Research centre: DIRE (Déplacements, Identités, Regards, Ecritures / Displacement, Identity, Revision, Expression)
Deadline: March 15, 2016

Keywords: identity construction, migration, cultural contacts and “metissage”, transculturality, globalisation, creolisation

With a multidisciplinary approach, this collective book project seeks to address the question of identity construction in the context of plurality, whether socio-cultural, political, religious, educational, linguistic or artistic.

For centuries, cultural contacts generated by intentional or forced transoceanic migrations have favoured “metissage” and have consequently given birth to new identity constructions that reflect cultural plurality. Moreover, new mobilities in the 21st century create, not only more diversity, but also new hybridities, and entail the process of “creolisation” (Glissant) through cross-cultural borrowing and mutual enrichments. In fact, extensive networking impacts the current globalisation process. It favours interconnections and affects one’s sense of identity. In today’s global world, the individual loses and/or multiplies his/her identity markers on different scales (local, regional, national, transnational).
The multiplicity of “ethnoscapes”, to borrow Arjun Appadurai’s term, or the plurality of “landscapes of persons who constitute the shifting world in which we live” (Modernity at Large: Cultural Dimensions of Globalization, 1996), has generated a variety of perceptions and imaginary representations of our world, as well as a new self-awareness. For some, the challenges of the 21st century seem to be the preservation and renewal of their vernacular cultural heritage in a globalised world that tends to minimise specificities. In the meantime, the movement of people, ideas, and cultures improves access to diversity; circulation generates exchanges, negotiations and renewal.

Current events related to the influx of economic migrants and political refugees into Europe revive debates on the social and cultural integration of the Other, on the acceptance of difference (in terms of culture, ethnicity or religion), and generate radical, conservative redefinitions of identity.

Therefore, it is important to study the dynamics of identity formation in the context of plurality, and to question expressions of resistance against globalisation and the opening of borders, and to examine identitarian anxieties and cultural protectionism, or conversely, forms of adaptation to the current tendency toward cultural homogenisation.

Proposals will include an article (45,000 characters) and a bio-bibliographical note (300 characters) in French, English or Spanish, with an abstract not exceeding 450 characters, and 5 keywords in English and their French or Spanish translation.

Submission guidelines can be found at following address:

- March 15, 2016: Deadline for submission. Manuscripts should be submitted to the following address:
- June 15, 2016: Editorial decision
All articles will be subject to two peer reviews. Contributors will be notified June 15, 2016 if their papers are accepted.
- September 15, 2016: deadline for final papers (if revisions required)

Linguistic Field(s): Cognitive Science; General Linguistics; Ling & Literature

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