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Mon Nov 30 2015

FYI: Language and Linguistics: Three Important Changes

Editor for this issue: Ashley Parker <>

Date: 30-Nov-2015
From: Jen-Hui Wang <>
Subject: Language and Linguistics: Three Important Changes
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A. New International Publication of Journal
We are very delighted to announce that the journal Language and Linguistics (L&L) will be published in partnership with John Benjamins Publishing Company in Netherland from 2017 (Vol. 18).

Starting from 2017, L&L will publish a single volume yearly containing four issues, three in English (January, April and July) and one in Traditional Chinese or hybrid (Chinese/English) (October). In accordance with international publication policies, L&L will discontinue Open Access sponsorship for authors and readers (From January 2017, L&L articles are only accessible to subscribers). Authors who wish to make their published articles Open Access will have to pay publication fees requested by the publisher. To comply with this new publication policy, beginning in 2017, only L&L Vol. 1-17 are freely accessible and downloadable.

B. Online Publication of Monograph Series
We are also glad to announce that beginning January 2016, the monographs of L&L will be published open access online only. We believe that this new publication policy will bring the following benefits to L&L: keeping up with the e-publishing trend, providing an easier digital reading mode for the widely-dispersed audience, increasing book circulation and impact, lowering the printing cost, saving trees and protecting our environment.

C. L&L Website
Furthermore, we are proud to present a brand new website of L&L, which will be online in December 2015 ( L&L Website will also provide direct links to our co-publishers: SAGE (2014-2016) and John Benjamins (from 2017).

With the new developments looking to the future, Language and Linguistics will continue to publish research findings that are original and insightful. We sincerely welcome submissions in the areas of general and theoretical linguistics in the languages of East Asia and the Pacific region, including Sino-Tibetan, Austronesian, and the Austroasiatic and Altaic language families.

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