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Thu Dec 03 2015

TOC: Language Sciences 53/A (2016)

Editor for this issue: Andrew Lamont <>

Date: 02-Dec-2015
From: Christopher Tancock <>
Subject: Language Sciences Vol. 53, No. A (2016)
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Publisher: Elsevier Ltd

Journal Title: Language Sciences
Volume Number: 53
Issue Number: A
Issue Date: 2016

Subtitle: Action, Culture, and Metaphor in Language Use

Main Text:

Editorial board and publication information
Pages IFC

Action, culture and metaphor: finding common ground in research on public language use
Pages 1-7
Carol A. Fowler, Bert H. Hodges

Aristotle and distributed language: capacity, matter, structure, and languaging
Pages 8-20
Charles Lassiter

Inarticulateness as a developmental process from inability to ability in speech genres
Pages 21-30
Anselmo Lima

‘Coordination’ (Herbert H Clark), ‘integration’ (Roy Harris) and the foundations of communication theory: common ground or competing visions?
Pages 31-43
Peter E. Jones

The construction of Dynamical Negotiation Networks depending on need for cognitive closure
Pages 44-57
Łukasz Jochemczyk, Janina Pietrzak, Agnieszka Zawadzka

How spoken languages work in the absence of an inventory of discrete units Pages 58-74
Michael Ramscar, Robert F. Port

Metaphor and engaged coordination
Pages 75-85
Javier González de Prado Salas

A developmental ecological study of novel metaphoric language use
Pages 86-98
Catherine Read, Agnes Szokolszky

Linguistic Field(s): Cognitive Science
                            Discourse Analysis
                            Philosophy of Language

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