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Fri Dec 04 2015

TOC: Bilingualism: Language and Cognition 19/1 (2015)

Editor for this issue: Andrew Lamont <>

Date: 04-Dec-2015
From: Katie Laker <>
Subject: Bilingualism: Language and Cognition Vol. 19, No. 1 (2015)
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Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Journal Title: Bilingualism: Language and Cognition
Volume Number: 19
Issue Number: 1
Issue Date: 2015

Main Text:

Research Articles

Prediction and integration in native and second-language processing of elliptical structures
Edith Kaan, Joseph Kirkham, Frank Wijnen

The use of case marking for predictive processing in second language Japanese
Sanako Mitsugi, Brian MacWhinney

Online processing of subject pronouns in monolingual and heritage bilingual speakers of Mexican Spanish
Gregory D. Keating, Jill Jegerski, Bill Vanpatten

Grammatical gender selection and phrasal word order in child heritage Spanish: A feature re-assembly approach
Alejandro Cuza, Rocío Pérez-Tattam

Prosodic structures and templates in bilingual phonological development
Marilyn Vihman

Lexicality, frequency and stress assignment effects in bilingual children reading Italian as a second language
Stéphanie Bellocchi, Paola Bonifacci, Cristina Burani

Differences in L1 linguistic attention control between monolinguals and bilinguals
Hilary D. Duncan, Norman Segalowitz, Natalie A. Phillips

Flawed self-assessment: Investigating self- and other-perception of second language speech
Pavel Trofimovich, Talia Isaacs, Sara Kennedy, Kazuya Saito, Dustin Crowther

Flexibility in task switching by monolinguals and bilinguals
Melody Wiseheart, Mythili Viswanathan, Ellen Bialystok

The role of cognitive aptitudes for explicit language learning in the relative effects of explicit and implicit feedback
Yucel Yilmaz, Gisela Granena

Minimal second language exposure, SES, and early word comprehension: New evidence from a direct assessment
Stephanie Deanda, Natalia Arias-Trejo, Diane Poulin-Dubois, Pascal Zesiger, Margaret Friend

The influence of language-switching experience on the bilingual executive control advantage
Nele Verreyt, Evy Woumans, Davy Vandelanotte, Arnaud Szmalec, Wouter Duyck

The role of majority and minority language input in the early development of a bilingual vocabulary
Jelske Dijkstra, Folkert Kuiken, René J. Jorna, Edwin L. Klinkenberg

Research Notes

Recent experience with cognates and interlingual homographs in one language affects subsequent processing in another language
Eva D. Poort, Jane E. Warren, Jennifer M. Rodd

Anticipation processes in L2 speech comprehension: Evidence from ERPs and lexical recognition task
Alice Foucart, Elisa Ruiz-Tada, Albert Costa

Linguistic Field(s): Language Acquisition

Subject Language(s): Dutch (nld)
                            English (eng)
                            Frisian, Western (fri)
                            Italian (ita)
                            Japanese (jpn)
                            Spanish (spa)

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