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Mon Dec 14 2015

All: LINGUIST List at the LSA and new services

Editor for this issue: Malgorzata Cavar <>

Date: 14-Dec-2015
From: Damir Cavar <>
Subject: LINGUIST List at the LSA and new services
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Dear subscribers and supporters,
we should all be proud that The LINGUIST List is able to celebrate its 25th birthday. It was made possible with global support of linguists from all continents and countries. This is a truly global service from linguists - and for linguists worldwide. The service started in the days when only a few knew about email, when websites did not exist yet, internet was a mystery for most people, and access to internet services was a privilege that only a few were able to enjoy (often using acoustic couplers over classical phone lines, where 300 Baud was a luxury data exchange speed). It has evolved, as many of the professional internet services for linguistics, corpora, speech and language technologies. Here again is a link to a brief summary of some of the developments at LINGUIST:

Here is the first posting submitted to a small group of subscribers in Dec. 13th 1990:

Please consider supporting the LINGUIST List services:

We are continuously working on extensions of the services and new technologies that we can utilize to support the community. Right now we are preparing to launch a new service we called GeoLing. You can test a first pilot here:

GeoLing will show all linguistics-related information about conferences, summer schools, jobs, languages, institutions, and other events in a global map that is also aware of the user's geo-location. It should run in all common mobile devices. Information that contains geo-coordinates or addresses posted on LINGUIST List (using our submission interface: will be mapped into this interface. We hope to have updated the list of institutions, conferences and events soon, so that you can benefit maximally from the new service. No matter where you are, or where you want to be in the next months, GeoLing should show you all linguistically relevant information in the region that can be extracted from LINGUIST postings or that you contribute to GeoLing.

The pop-ups for events and institutions on the map will be click-able and allow you to add the event dates and address to your device or personal information manager.

This interface will allow also to advertise local talks that so-far could not be posted on LINGUIST due to our policies on global relevance.

We are preparing the first Release Candidate and we would like to ask you for contribution and assistance. If you test the interface, check, for example, ''Languages'' and ''Contacts'', and navigate somewhere to Bloomington Indiana in the US, to see some sample entries.

How can you contribute and make this useful? If you would like your ''linguistic'' institution (academic, research, education, or even business) to be listed in GeoLing, simply submit a vCard file as an email attachment to: calcard at and it will be integrated in the system, after verification by our editors.

If you would like your personal office address to be displayed in GeoLing, just do the same, send an email to the above address and attach a vCard with your office address to it. Please add a sentence that says ''Please add my office address to GeoLing'' so that we know that you indeed want the address to be made publicly visible. We will not post any personal addresses unless specifically authorized.

If you would like to advertise your local talks and events on GeoLing, we can read the necessary information from an iCal URL that you send us. If you have set up your own accessible iCal with local events, send the access credentials and the URL to the email above, and we will attach it to the system. Your talks and local events will show up on GeoLing, if approved and accessible. You only would have to do this once and we would update the information automatically from your updates in your iCal file. If you do not keep track of full location information (address) in the ''location'' field of the iCal entries, but always have the events at the same address and maybe in different rooms, please send us a vCard with the institution address as well, so that we can associate every event with the appropriate address.

If you do not have or set up a shared iCal service, we can set you up an account for an iCal URL on our system, and even a vCard server, if you would want to keep some larger number of address-entries in GeoLing.
In future versions we will hopefully be able to offer tag-controlled subscription to iCals from any of your devices, so that one would, for example, have access to a calendar on a mobile phone with only events related to ''syntax'' or ''French''. We will open up the iCal files for LINGUIST events for subscription soon.

Institutions that post and publish their own information and announcements can contact us to talk about a more systematic connection and information exchange with our services.

If you have suggestions and ideas related to LINGUIST and these new services, please let us know! Thank you all for your support of LINGUIST List!

Your LINGUIST List Team

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