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Thu Dec 17 2015

TOC: Indo-European Linguistics 3/1 (2015)

Editor for this issue: Andrew Lamont <>

Date: 16-Dec-2015
From: Heleen Palmen <>
Subject: Indo-European Linguistics Vol. 3, No. 1 (2015)
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Publisher: Brill

Journal Title: Indo-European Linguistics
Volume Number: 3
Issue Number: 1
Issue Date: 2015

Main Text:

Sonority Sequencing Violations and Prosodic Structure in Latin and Other Indo-European Languages
Jessica DeLisi
Dark Matter: The Root *√kȗ ̯el ‘Dark, Black’
Stefan Höfler

On the Accentuation of Vedic -ti-Abstracts: Evidence for Accentual Change
Jesse Lundquist

Levelling and Rule Restructuring in Old English Adjectives
Don Ringe

Borrowing, Character Weighting, and Preliminary Cluster Analysis in a Phylogenetic Analysis of the Ancient Greek Dialects
Christina Michelle Skelton

The Genitive-Accusative of the Personal Pronouns in Old Church Slavonic
Michael Weiss

Anatolian Default Accentuation and Its Diachronic Consequences
Anthony D. Yates

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Linguistic Field(s): Historical Linguistics

Subject Language(s): English, Old (ang)
                            Greek, Ancient (grc)
                            Hittite (hit)
                            Latin (lat)
                            Luwian, Hieroglyphic (hlu)
                            Palaic (plq)
                            Sanskrit (san)

Language Family(ies): Anatolian

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