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Wed Mar 09 2016

Confs: Cog Sci, Gen Ling, Semantics, Typology/France

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Date: 09-Mar-2016
From: Agnès Celle <>
Subject: Mirativity, Emotion, Cognition
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Mirativity, Emotion, Cognition

Date: 01-Apr-2016 - 01-Apr-2016
Location: Paris, France
Contact: Agnès Celle Laure Lansari
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Linguistic Field(s): Cognitive Science; General Linguistics; Semantics; Typology

Meeting Description:

This workshop aims to bring together researchers working on different languages (Bulgarian, English, French, Albanian, Odia, etc.) and from different angles on the category known as mirativity in linguistic typology.

Mirativity is traditionally defined as a subcategory of evidentiality encoding new, unexpected or surprising information. In some languages, it is grammaticalised and constitutes obligatory marking. In other languages such as English and French it is expressed by non-obligatory lexical or grammatical markers.

The aim of the workshop is twofold:

- To offer a cross-linguistic perspective on mirativity taking into account languages where it is grammaticalised and languages where it is not: does mirativity have the same status in all languages? Does it constitute a universal semantic category? What are the privileged markers by which it is expressed?

- To define mirativity on a cognitive and emotional level: how does it relate to epistemic modality, and more precisely to speaker’s knowledge and expectations? How does it relate to the emotional category of surprise?

The languages of the conference are English and French.


Université Paris Diderot
8 place Paul Ricoeur 75013 Paris
Olympe de Gouges, Room 267

Opening by Agnès Celle, Anne Jugnet, Laure Lansari and Emilie L’Hôte (U. Paris Diderot, CLILLAC-ARP)
“Mirativity and Surprise in English and French”

Tyler Peterson (U. of Arizona),
“Explaining Mirativity: the Desiderata”

Maarten Lemmens & Kalyani Sahoo, (U. of Lille 3, STL)
“Degrees of mirativity in Odia”

12.00-14.00: Lunch

Viviane Arigne (U. of Paris 13)
“Emotion and cognition: from mirativity to argumentation”

Jean-Louis Duchet (U. of Poitiers)

Zlatka Guentchéva (CNRS Lacito)
“Is mirativity really a grammatical category in Balkan languages?”

Round Table

Entrance is free but if you wish to attend please fill in a participation form and email it to the organisers by 15 March.

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