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Wed Mar 30 2016

Confs: Syntax/UK

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Date: 30-Mar-2016
From: Jenneke van der Wal <>
Subject: 5th Cambridge Comparative Syntax Conference
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5th Cambridge Comparative Syntax Conference
Short Title: CamCoS 5

Date: 05-May-2016 - 07-May-2016
Location: Cambridge, United Kingdom
Contact: Theresa Biberauer
Contact Email: < click here to access email >
Meeting URL:

Linguistic Field(s): Syntax

Meeting Description:

After the success of the four previous CamCoS conferences (see: and to celebrate the final month of the ERC-funded Rethinking Comparative Syntax (ReCoS) project, we are delighted to announce CamCoS 5.

This 2.5-day conference will take place in Cambridge 5–7 May 2016. The first half-day will feature talks by Cambridge-based researchers, focusing in particular on the major results of the ReCoS project. This will be followed by a full-day general session on comparative generative syntax, for which abstracts are solicited (see below). The final day of the conference will centre on the presentations of our eminent invited speakers.

The invited speakers for CamCoS 5 are:

Mark Baker (Rutgers)
Guglielmo Cinque (Venice)
Diane Massam (Toronto)
Jim McCloskey (UC Santa Cruz)
Luigi Rizzi (Geneva)


The conference programme can be found on our website:

Please register online for the conference (earlybird rates before April 25th!):

Schedule for Thursday, 5 May 2016 (CamCoS 5 prequel)

Ian Roberts

András Bárány
The interaction(s) of Case and Agreement

Jenneke van der Wal
Obligatory marking of prominence: parameters of Bantu agreement

15:10–15:30 Break

Michelle Sheehan and Jamie Douglas
Extraction restrictions and asymmetries: (partial) syntactic ergativity in Mayan

Sam Wolfe: (The Limits of) Variation in Verb Second Systems
Data from Romance and beyond

16:50–17:20 Break

Theresa Biberauer
NONE>ALL>SOME: The case for emergent parametric variation

Anders Holmberg
How to say no in Chinese

Schedule for Friday, 6 May 2016 (CamCoS 5 day 1)

Jeroen van Craenenbroeck (KU Leuven) and Marjo van Koppen (Utrecht University)
A microparameter in a nanoparametric world

Pritha Chandra (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi)
A Parameter Hierarchy for Indo-Aryan Ergativity

10:20–10:40 Coffee break

Susi Wurmbrand (University of Connecticut)
Variation in the binding of indexicals—Feature sharing and a return to traditional binding

Adrian Stegovec (University of Connecticut)
Between YOU and ME: Two crosslinguistic generalizations on syntactic person restrictions

Nico Baier (University of California Berkeley)
The Heterogeneity of Anti-Agreement

12:40–14:00 Lunch break

Yosuke Sato (National University of Singapore)
An In-Situ Syntax of Sluicing in Indonesian: Implications for Elliptical Repair and Interface Economy

David Erschler (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
Typology of sluicing in wh- and non-wh-questions

15:20–15:40 Coffee break

Filomena Sandalo (University of Campinas) and Dimitris Michelioudakis (University of York)
Classifiers and plurality: Evidence from a deictic classifier language

Anna Pineda (IKER-CNRS)
What lies behind causativization of verbs of motion in Romance languages?

17:00–17:30 Refreshment break

Speed session

Paula Fenger (University of Connecticut)
The case of impersonal pronouns

Nina Radkevich (University of York)
Deverbal Nominalizations in Lak and Case Licensing

Zuzanna Fuchs (Harvard University)
An ellipsis analysis of discontinuous DPs in Georgian

Monica Alexandrina Irimia (University of York) and Sonia Cyrino (University of Campinas)
Syntactic positions for DOM: The case of Brazilian Portuguese and Romanian

Kajsa Djärv (University of Pennsylvania)
Towards a typology of copular sentences

Schedule for Saturday, 7 May 2016 (CamCoS 5 day 2)

Diane Massam (University of Toronto)
(Un)ergativity and the Split DP hypothesis

Mark Baker (Rutgers University)
On principles, parameters, universals, and typology in case and agreement systems

12:00–14:00 Lunch break

Jim McCloskey (University of California Santa Cruz)
Microparameters in a tiny space: Standing at the edge

Guglielmo Cinque (University of Venice)
A microparametric approach to word order typology

16:00–16:30 Coffee break

Luigi Rizzi (University of Siena)
“Further explanations″ of cartographic properties: Locality and labeling


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