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Mon Apr 04 2016

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Date: 04-Apr-2016
From: marianna bolognesi <>
Subject: Abstract Concepts: Debating Their Structure, Processing, and Modeling
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Abstract Concepts: Debating Their Structure, Processing, and Modeling
Short Title: International Symposium

Date: 18-Nov-2016 - 18-Nov-2016
Location: University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
Contact: Marianna Bolognesi
Contact Email: < click here to access email >

Linguistic Field(s): Cognitive Science; Computational Linguistics; Lexicography; Psycholinguistics; Semantics

Meeting Description:

Save the Date: November 18, 2016

With this announcement, we invite you to save the date on your calendar, and consider participating to this unique, high-profile international symposium that will take place in Amsterdam on November 18.

Here, some preliminary information:


On which dimensions of meaning do abstract and concrete concepts differ?
How does perceptual experience affect abstract concept processing and representation?
What is the role of language in shaping and indexing the content of concrete vs abstract concepts?

Abstract concepts are a controversial and widely debated topic, within the theoretical discussion about the embodied vs symbolic nature of language and meaning.

The aim of this project is to bring together current views about the structure, processing, and modeling of abstract concepts.


8 eminent scholars have been invited to Amsterdam to discuss the nature, structure, processing, and modeling of abstract concepts in various disciplines.
During the symposium the panelists will present in turn their view and will receive structured comments (prepared in advance) from their peers. A general discussion among all panelists and the audience will follow.

Invited Speakers:

Prof. Max Louwerse (cognitive psych and artificial intelligence)
Prof. Alessandro Lenci (computational linguistics)
Prof. Piek Vossen (computational lexicology)
Prof. Gabriella Vigliocco (cognitive neurosciences)
Dr. Diane Pecher (cognitive science)
Prof. Gun Semin (social sciences)
Prof. Ken McRae (experimental psychology)
Prof. Friedemann Pulvermueller (neuroscience)


At the Metaphor Lab Amsterdam, we conduct interdisciplinary research that tackle the structure and functioning of metaphor in thought, language, and communication.
The nature of abstract concepts is particularly relevant for metaphor researchers, because it has been argued for decades that metaphors are matters of thought, that allow us to understand abstract concepts by comparing them to concrete ones.

This event, in particular, is organized within the COGVIM project (EU Marie Curie IEF, awarded to Dr Marianna Bolognesi - n° 629076).

We look forward to welcoming you in Amsterdam!

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