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Wed Apr 27 2016

FYI: Global Association of Linguistic Anthropology

Editor for this issue: Ashley Parker <>

Date: 26-Apr-2016
From: Michael Hadzantonis <>
Subject: Global Association of Linguistic Anthropology
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The Global Association of Linguistic Anthropology, GALIAN, aims to globally network researchers and advocates in the field of Linguistic Anthropology, covering all global regions, to disseminate Linguistic Anthropological work in relation to a global region, and to promote the study and understanding of Linguistic Anthropological work throughout and of the global region, and for each respective region and place.

As such, the Association works closely with other Associations and Societies of Linguistic Anthropology, such as the SLA and the AAA, to effect the following:

- To promote the understanding of language and society for a global region, by positioning all countries, religions, societies, cultures, and races in egalitarian fashion, and by recognizing the equal contribution to Linguistic Anthropology of all peoples
- To invite unlimited participation by academics from throughout a global region
- To conduct and concurrently promote the advancement of understanding, educating, encouraging, and supporting affiliates of Linguistic Anthropology, as well as other scholarships related to Linguistic Anthropology, through collaborating with relevant departments, institutions, and other bodies
- To promote the development of society through the sharing of linguistic cultural practices, in any applied or theoretical form
- To raise funds, and to receive contributions, so to finance the work of Linguistic Anthropologists working on and in a global context
- To publicize and promote the work of those people and events in the field of Linguistic Anthropology
- To advise and mentor those working in the field of Linguistic Anthropology
- To formulate rules, policies, and guidelines so to facilitate collaboration and communication amongst members of The Association
- To organize conferences, seminars, courses, fieldwork and other events
- To work with groups similar globally and with whom to exchange information
- To assist to resolve any sociopolitical disputes, in a peaceful manner, through the understanding of concepts, models, and practices, in Linguistic Anthropology, in a global context

Linguistic Field(s): Anthropological Linguistics; Historical Linguistics; Language Documentation; Linguistic Theories; Philosophy of Language; Pragmatics; Semantics; Sociolinguistics

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