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Wed Jun 15 2016

Confs: Indo-European, Historical Ling, Typology/Sweden

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Date: 15-Jun-2016
From: Thomas Jügel <>
Subject: The Function and Semantics of the Perfect in Indo-European Languages
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The Function and Semantics of the Perfect in Indo-European Languages

Date: 29-Sep-2016 - 01-Oct-2016
Location: Uppsala, Sweden
Contact: Robert Crellin, Carina Jahani, Thomas Jügel
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Linguistic Field(s): Historical Linguistics; Typology

Language Family(ies): Indo-European

Meeting Description:

The perfect occupies a special place within the verb systems of the world's languages. It typically expresses features associated with tense, aspect, and aktionsart. As such, the perfect defies reduction to explanation within the parameters of a single grammatical category. It is this tendency that makes the perfect so difficult to define on the one hand, and leads on the other to diverse developments in its function and semantics.

The symposium ''The Perfect in Indo-European Languages'' will discuss the semantics and function of the perfect for the Indo-European languages, analyse its development, and discuss those characteristics that are shared by IE languages at its various stages of attestation. As a result we aim to give a synchronic and diachronic typological overview of the grammatical category for related languages. This will also involve discussion of the question of the functional and semantic range of the Proto-Indo-European perfect.

This is a symposium with invited speakers. We welcome everybody who is interested to attend.

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