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Fri Jun 24 2016

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Date: 23-Jun-2016
From: Jochen Trommer <>
Subject: Replicative Processes in Language
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Replicative Processes in Language

Date: 08-Jul-2016 - 09-Jul-2016
Location: Leipzig, Germany
Contact: Jochen Trommer
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Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics; Linguistic Theories; Morphology; Phonology; Syntax

Meeting Description:

Replicative processes play a central role in linguistic theory: In minimalist syntax, the operation Agree (Chomsky 2000, 2001) is the only basic grammatical operation besides Merge. Reduplication data have been the central motivation for the development of the correspondence-theoretic version of Optimality Theory (McCarthy & Prince 1994, 1995). Beyond grammar, linguistic replication is a central part of many poetic systems in the form of rhyme (Kawahara 2007, Katz 2015), is a pervasive feature of argots and secret languages (Bagemihl 1988, Vogt 2012), and speakers in natural discourse reproduce at many levels reproduce features characterizing the speech of their interlocutors such as intonation (D’Imperio et al. 2014) and syntactic construction type (Pickering & Garrod 2004). Language contact not only involves borrowing of words and sounds, but also the adaptation of complex syntactic and semantic representations in a ‘replica language’ replicating the patterns of a ‘model language’ (Ross 2007, Francois 2011).

The goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers working on replication in highly different linguistic domains, to enhance our knowledge of replicative phenomena, explore parallels, interactions and differences, and to come closer to an understanding of the central abstract mechanisms underlying replication in human language. Building and extending on our earlier workshop on “Replication in Grammar” in September 2015 ( the event will also cover many aspects of replication in performance, language contact and diachronic change.

Invited Speakers:

- Andrew Nevins (U College London)
- Donca Steriade (MIT)
- Evangelia Adamou (LACITO, CNRS)
- Doug Pulleyblank (U of British Columbia)
- Hannah Sande (UC Berkeley)
Hubert Haider (U Salzburg)
- Mariapaola D’Imperio (U Aix-Marseille)
Richard Wiese (U Marburg)
- Steven Wechsler (U of Texas at Austin)

While we haven’t issued a call for papers, everyone who is interested is welcome to attend the workshop.

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