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Wed Jul 13 2016

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Date: 13-Jul-2016
From: Joanna Blaszczak <>
Subject: Psycholinguistic Investigations into Number and Quantification in Natural Language
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Psycholinguistic Investigations into Number and Quantification in Natural Language

Date: 29-Aug-2016 - 31-Aug-2016
Location: Wroclaw, Poland
Contact: Joanna Blaszczak
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Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics; Philosophy of Language; Psycholinguistics; Semantics

Meeting Description:

The overarching goal of this international conference is to create a forum for discussion for scholars interested in various aspects of the processing number and quantification in natural languages, in particular related to the following research questions:

- Number interpretation of nouns and verbs based on morphology, context and lexical semantics
- The interpretation of imperfective aspect with a special focus on the composition of its iterative (plural) and progressive (single-event) readings
- The mental representation of lexical properties of quantifier terms

We are mainly interested in experimental research but studies aiming at empirical verification of theoretical models will also be taken into consideration.

Confirmed speakers (in alphabetical order):

Oliver Bott (University of Tübingen)
Judith Degen (Stanford University)
Silvia P. Gennari (University of York)
Yosef Grodzinsky (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Alexis Wellwood (Northwestern University)
Ming Xiang (University of Chicago)


International conference: Psycholinguistic Investigations into Number and Quantification in Natural Language
August 29–30, 2016

University of Wroclaw
Library of the Institute of Polish Studies

Wydział Filologiczny (Faculty of Letters)
Instytut Filologii Polskiej (Institute of Polish Studies)
pl. Nankiera 15b,
50–140 Wroclaw
Room no. 22

Monday, 29 August

8h30 – 9h00


Panel 1: Events
Chair: Joanna Błaszczak

9h15 – 10h15
Panel 1
Invited talk 1:
Alexis Wellwood
Northwestern University
Being something worth counting

10h15 – 10h45 Coffee break

10h45 – 11h45
Panel 1
Invited talk 2:
Silvia Gennari
University of York
Event structure and event duration in language comprehension

11h45 – 12h25
Panel 1
Local presentation 1
Dorota Klimek-Jankowska, Anna Czypionka and Joanna Błaszczak
University of Wrocław and Constance University
Processing eventualities in Polish: Evidence from self-paced reading and eye-tracking experiments

12h25 – 13h00
Panel 1: Discussion

13h00 – 15h00 Lunch break

Panel 2 : Numbers
Chair: Dorota Klimek-Jankowska

15h00 – 16h00
Panel 2
Invited talk 3:
Yosef Grodzinsky
HUJI, FZ Jülich
The neural dynamics of Verification Procedures: Neurological and linguistic implications

16h00 – 16h30 Coffee break

16h30 – 17h10
Panel 2
Local presentation 2
Piotr Gulgowski
University of Wrocław
Grammatical number processing in Polish: A psycholinguistic investigation using Stroop-like interference

17h10 – 17h50
Panel 2
External presentation 1
Katalin É. Kiss and Tamás Zétényi
Research Institute for Linguitics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Linguistic pathway to multiplication

17h50 – 18h30
Panel 2
External presentation 2
Çağatay Taşcı and Duygu Özge
Middle East Technical University, Ankara
Interpretation of quantifying expressions in Turkish: Evidence for the exact interpretation of ‘some’

18h30 – 19h00
Panel 2: Discussion

19h00 – 22h00 Dinner
University of Wroclaw, Faculty of Letters, pl. Nankiera 15b, 50-140 Wrocław
(the inner courtyard)

Tuesday, 30 August

Panel 3: Meaning in Context
Chair: Barbara Tomaszewicz

9h15 – 10h15
Panel 3
Invited talk 4:
Ming Xiang
University of Chicago
Processing meaning in context

10h15 – 10h45 Coffee break

10h45 – 11h45
Panel 3
Invited talk 5:
Judith Degen
Stanford University
Context in scalar implicature processing

11h45 – 12h25
Panel 3
External presentation 3:
Anthea Schöller and Michael Franke
University of Tübingen
‘Many’ expectation about ‘few’ balls

12h25 – 13h00
Panel 3: Discussion

13h00 – 15h00 Lunch break

Panel 4: Quantifiers
Chair: Piotr Gulgowski

15h00 – 16h00
Panel 4
Invited talk 6:
Oliver Bott
University of Tübingen
The timing of quantifier scope interpretation –
Eyetracking evidence against incremental processing

16h00 – 16h30 Coffee break

16h30 – 17h10
Panel 4
External presentation 4:
Ana Bosnić and Nataša Knežević
University of Groningen and University of Nantes
Spacial distribution and exhaustivity requirement in Serbian

17h10 – 17h50
Panel 4
External presentation 5:
Yaron McNabb
Utrecht University
Minimum and maximum readings in degree questions with modals

17h50 – 18h30
Panel 4: Discussion

Closing / Time for individual discussions

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