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Fri Jan 22 2016

Confs: General Ling/Serbia

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Date: 22-Jan-2016
From: Dragan Vranesevic <>
Subject: Philology of Culture
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Philology of Culture

Date: 09-Jun-2016 - 11-Jun-2016
Location: Belgrade, Serbia
Contact: Aleksandra Vranes
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Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics

Meeting Description:

The Faculty of Philology in Belgrade today is one of the last remaining institutions of higher learning in Europe which, within its name, cherishes and upholds the memory of the traditional philological disciplines. Although the history of philology corresponds to the history of culture, its contemporary relevance is often brought to question. Following the well-known critique of Nietzsche’s “Philology of the Future”, symposia on the future of philology ensued at the end of the twentieth and in the twenty-first century. The academic discipline which served to codify national identity in the 19th century, faced the challenges of the post-modern, globalized and networked world. The crisis of philology today calls for a critical attitude towards traditional and contemporary classification of knowledge, while its global dispersion, rich cultural history and interdisciplinary
essence spell the hope of feasibility of a more holistic, philological understanding of (contemporary) culture. With that in mind, we propose that the Conference would encompass the following academic fields:

1. History of Philology and Cultural History
2. World Philology
3. Philology and (Contemporary) Literary Methodology
4. Philology and (Contemporary) Linguistics
5. Philology in the Theory and Practice of Teaching
6. E-Philology and Digital Libraries
7. Philologies of the Future

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