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Tue Nov 08 2016

Confs: Lang Documentation, Morphology, Semantics, Syntax, Typology/Switzerland

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Date: 08-Nov-2016
From: David Paul Gerards <>
Subject: Partitivity and Language Contact
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Partitivity and Language Contact

Date: 25-Nov-2016 - 26-Nov-2016
Location: Zurich, Switzerland
Contact: Elisabeth Stark, David Paul Gerards
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Linguistic Field(s): Language Documentation; Morphology; Semantics; Syntax; Typology

Meeting Description:

This is the second announcement of the international workshop on 'Partitivity
and Language Contact', taking place at the University of Zurich, Switzerland
on November 25-26, 2016. The workshop is dedicated to a broad investigation
into the different means used for encoding partitivity and related notions
such as quantification, marking the mass-count distinction etc., and their
potential coming into being enhanced by language contact, between neighboring
varieties as well as between standard and dialectal varieties. Overall, the
workshop seeks to contribute to a better understanding of the syntax and
semantics of nominal and pronominal partitivity markers in a wide range of
languages (German, German dialects, Dutch, Luxemburgish, Italian, Italian
dialects, Ladin, Sardinian, French, Catalan, Russian, Russian dialects, Molise
Slavic, Breton, Finnish, Estonian, Hungarian) - both from a formal and
typological perspective.

For a detailed program, please visit the website
( or
click on the ''View Program/Announcement'' link provided in this message.

We would be delighted to welcome many of you in Switzerland! For any queries,
please feel free to contact either Prof. Elisabeth Stark (
or David Paul Gerards (

Confirmed Speakers:

Anna Bartra Kaufmann (Autonomous University of Barcelona)
Tuomas Huumo (University of Turku)
Giuliana Giusti (University of Venice ‚Ca'Foscari')
Cecilia Poletto (Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University/Frankfurt)
Guido Mensching (FU Berlin)
Silvia Luraghi (University of Pavia)
Anne Tamm (Central European University/Budapest)
Elisabeth Stark / Paul Widmer (University of Zurich)
Tabea Ihsane (University of Geneva) / Petra Sleeman (University of Amsterdam)
Thomas Strobel (Goethe University Frankfurt)
Ilja Seržant (University of Leipzig)
Walter Breu (University of Konstanz)
Christine Grillborzer (University of Freiburg)
Liina Lidström (University of Tartu)
Caroline Döhmer (University of Luxembourg)
Karoliina Lohiniva (University of Geneva)


Friday, November 25:

Elisabeth Stark

Petra Sleeman, Tabea Ihsane (University of Amsterdam, University of Geneva &
University of Zurich)
Partitive pronouns in contact: the influence of Dutch ER on the L2 acquisition
of French EN

10:30-11:00: Coffee Break

Thomas Strobel (Goethe-University Frankfurt)
Indefinite partitive pronouns in the dialects of Hesse

Guido Mensching (Georg-August-University Göttingen)
The pseudo-partitive construction in Sardinian

Elisabeth Stark/Paul Widmer (University of Zurich)
The (co-)evolution of partitive argument marking in Breton and Gallo-Angevin

12:30-14:15: Lunch

Caroline Döhmer (University of Luxembourg)
Syntax and semantics of the Luxemburgish partitive

Anna Bartra Kaufmann (Autonomous University of Barcelona)
The rise and fall of partitive determiners in Old Romance

Anna Cardinaletti/Giuliana Giusti (University of Venice Ca'Foscari)
Indefinite determiners across Italo-Romance varieties, optionality and

15:45-16:15: Coffee Break

Internal Meeting Partitivity Network

Saturday, November 26:

Jacopo Garzonio/Cecilia Poletto (University of Padova/Goethe-University
Partitive in negative contexts: a microvariationist analysis

Ilja Seržant (University of Leipzig)
Partitive genitive in the North Russian Area

10:30-11:00: Coffee Break

Tuomas Huumo (University of Turku)
Quantifiers and partitive case marking in Finnish

Anne Tamm (Central European University Budapest)
A partial and impartial account of a partitive

Liina Lindström (University of Tartu)
Partitive indefinite pronouns in experiential constructions in Estonian

12:30-14:15: Lunch

Karoliina Lohiniva (University of Geneva)
Partitive case and association with additives

Walter Breu (University of Konstanz)
Partitivity in Slavic-Romance language contact (Molise Slavic)

15:15-15:45: Coffee Break

Christine Grillborzer (University of Freiburg/Germany)
Partitivity in German-Russian language contact. A corpus-based study on the
language of Russian-speaking immigrants in Germany

Silvia Luraghi (University of Pavia)
Areal Aspects of Partitives

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