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Wed Feb 03 2016

Calls: Discourse Analysis/Sweden

Editor for this issue: Amanda Foster <>

Date: 02-Feb-2016
From: Françoise Sullet-Nylander <>
Subject: Political Discourse and the Extremes in the Romance Speaking Countries
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Full Title: Political Discourse and the Extremes in the Romance Speaking Countries

Date: 21-Oct-2016 - 22-Oct-2016
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Contact Person: Françoise Sullet Nylander
Meeting Email: < click here to access email >

Linguistic Field(s): Discourse Analysis

Call Deadline: 15-Feb-2016

Meeting Description:

Workshop (20-21 October 2016):

Political Discourse and the Extremes in the Romance Speaking Countries: linguistics and social science perspectives

For this second workshop − within the main research project Political discourse in the Romance speaking countries: linguistics and social science perspectives (ROMPOL) − our group has chosen the theme Political Discourse and the Extremes. Whereas the main focus during the first workshop was on political debates in the oral media, this second edition will include any form of texts carrying political messages: news media, blogs, pamphlets, contemporary fictional or non-fictional works, social media sites, etc. The intention is also to further explore the following related themes:

- Populist political discourse and its different manifestations in Romance speaking countries in Europe as well as in Latin America
- Identities, racism and discrimination
- Ideologies and religions

Our intention is to use linguistic as well as social and historical perspectives and involve scholars from various fields in the humanities and the social sciences. Our main research idea is based on the assumption that knowledge and understanding of political discourse is best achieved with an interdisciplinary stance, through collaboration between the disciplines of linguistics and social sciences.

Invited lecturers (the four following keynotes speakers have already accepted our invitation):

- Auboussier Julien, Université de Franche Comté, Besancon, France.
Areas of research: Media and political discourse analysis, Europe and globalization, social movements, the circulation of discourses, public arenas and local territories.

- Bolivar Adriana, Universidad Central de Venezuela.
Areas of research: The discursive construction of Latin American populism; Stability and change in political genres Impoliteness in political interaction; The roles of positive and negative affectivity in political polarization (or populism); The linguistic realizations and functions in political confrontation.

- Johnen Thomas, Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau, Germany.
Areas of research: Modal verbs in Portuguese, their semantics, pragmatics and grammaticalization; textual and discursive functions and polyphony processes; contrastive linguistics, especially between Portuguese, French, Spanish and German with special focus om media discourse.

- Sarlo Beatriz, earlier Professor at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has been a visiting professor and researcher at, among others, the universities of Columbia, Berkeley, Harvard, NYU, Chicago and Cambridge.
Areas of research: Latin American cultural studies; Argentine literary and cultural history; cultural sociology; postmodernity and the role of the intellectuals; political discourses; feminism.

Scientific Committee :

Alcaide Lara Esperanza (Universidad de Sevilla, Spanien)
Auboussier Julien (Université de Franche Comté, Besançon, France)
Bartolomei María-Luisa (Romance Studies and Classics, Stockholm University)
Bernal María (Romance Studies and Classics, Stockholm University)
Bolívar Adriana (Universidad Central de Venezuela)
Charaudeau Patrick (Université de Paris XIII, France)
Fuentes Rodríguez Catalina (Universidad de Sevilla, Spanien)
Johnen Thomas (Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau, Germany)
Hernández Flores Nieves (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)
Kerbrat-Orecchioni Catherine (Université de Lyon 2, France)
Prémat Christophe (Romance Studies and Classics, Stockholm University)
Rivarola Andrés (Romance Studies and Classics, Stockholm University)
Roitman Malin (Romance Studies and Classics, Stockholm University)
Sarlo Beatriz (University of Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Sullet-Nylander Françoise (Romance Studies and Classics, Stockholm University)

2ème Appel à Communications/2nd Call for Papers:

Political Discourse and the Extremes in the Romance Speaking Countries: Linguistics and Social Science perspectives


Abstracts should be sent on 15 February 2016 at the latest and should include a title, your contact details (name, affiliation, mailing address, email) and description of your paper. It shouldn’t exceed 300 words (Times New Roman, 12 p.)


After evaluations of external Peer Reviewers, we plan to publish a selection of articles presented during the workshop in an anthology at Stockholm University Press

Important Dates/Deadlines:

- 15 November 2015: 1st Call for papers/proposals.
- 15 February 2016 : Proposals should be sent to
- 15 April 2016 : Notification of Abstract Acceptance/Rejection from the scientific committee.
- 30 June - 15 September 2016: Registration.
- 20-21 October 2016: Workshop
- 15 December 2016: Articles should be sent to
- 15 March 2017: Notification of Article Acceptance/Rejection based on the evaluations of external Peer Reviewers.
- December 2017: Publication of an anthology (Stockholm University Press/Book serie: Stockholm Studies in Romance Languages).

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