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Fri Feb 05 2016

Confs: Translation/Italy

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Date: 05-Feb-2016
From: Federico Zanettin <>
Subject: Under Surveillance - Ideology and Censorship in the Translation of Popular Fiction
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Under Surveillance - Ideology and censorship in the translation of popular fiction

Date: 10-Mar-2016 - 11-Mar-2016
Location: Perugia, Italy
Contact: Diana Bianchi
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Linguistic Field(s): Translation

Meeting Description:

Popular texts are often the object of radical manipulations when translated. While the low cultural status attributed to popular genres may in many instances be deemed responsible for such practices, it is also true that popular fiction has often been under a regime of 'surveillance', supposedly aimed at protecting the 'masses' from ''corrupting and degenerate'' material.

The perception of popular texts as innately dangerous may lead to different forms of social constraint, from the banning and failure to translate texts regarded as offensive to self-censorship aimed at cleansing texts of ''unsuitable'' elements. Textual control may be applied in translation in multiple and diluted ways: one crucial problem in relation to popular texts is that since popular fiction is represented both as aesthetically inferior and non-educational, censorious interventions may be camouflaged as operations of textual improvement.

These and other key issues will be debated during the workshop which brings together a group of researchers interested in the translation of popular culture, and more specifically in the translation of popular narrative genres such as crime fiction, science fiction, romance, horror, western, etc., be they instantiated in written texts or in other media.


Thursday March 10

Workshop opening
Ambrogio Santambrogio, Department Dean

Session one: State censorship and the translation of popular fiction
English Science Fiction and Polish Real Socialism (Robert Looby, Catholic University of Lublin)
The Censorship of Popular Fiction under Fascism (Christopher Rundle, Università di Bologna)
Foreign Literature as Poison: the Translation of German Popular Fiction in Italy during the 1930s (Natascia Barrale, Università di Palermo)

17:00 Coffee Break

Session two: Ideological manipulation in translated popular fiction
Dracula's Italian Hosts (Antonio Bibbò, University of Manchester)
Cultural Industrialization in Italy and the Translation of Techno-Science (Giulia Iannuzzi, University of Trieste)

20:00 Social Dinner

Friday March 11

Session three: Gender and genre in translated popular fiction
Mediated Violence - Translating Physical Force and Verbal Aggression in Crime Fiction (Karen Seago, City University London)
Translating the new historical romance in the 1970s and 1980s (Adele D'Arcangelo, Università di Bologna)
Dangerous Visions? The Circulation and Translation of Women’s Crime Fiction and Science Fiction (Diana Bianchi, Università di Perugia)

11:00 Coffee break

Session four: Translation and popular fiction in the media
Comics at the Interface of Translation and Censorship (Federico Zanettin, Università di Perugia)
The Manipulation of Translated TV Series in Italy (Chiara Bucaria, Università di Bologna)
Gomorrah: from Novel to TV Series (Giuseppina Bonerba, Università di Perugia)

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