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Wed Feb 24 2016

TOC: Journal of Language Evolution 1/1 (2016)

Editor for this issue: Andrew Lamont <>

Date: 23-Feb-2016
From: Carolyn Napolitano <>
Subject: Journal of Language Evolution Vol. 1, No. 1 (2016)
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Publisher: Oxford University Press

Journal Title: Journal of Language Evolution
Volume Number: 1
Issue Number: 1
Issue Date: 2016

Main Text:

The new Journal of Language Evolution aims to be the venue of choice for language evolution research. It is highly interdisciplinary and covers theoretical, computational, database-driven, and experimental work emerging from linguistics, (neuro-)cognitive sciences, psychology, anthropology, biology, evolutionary theory, computer sciences, philosophy, and other relevant disciplines.

Volume 1 issue 1 is now available and all content is free to read and download.
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Contents (available at


Language evolution needs its own journal -
By Dan Dediu and Bart de Boer


How to analyze linguistic change using mixed models, Growth Curve Analysis and Generalized Additive Modeling -
By Bodo Winter and Martin Wieling


Linguistic diversity and language evolution –
By Harald Hammarström

Target Article (Including overview, commentaries, and response)

Language evolution and climate: the case of desiccation and tone -
Article by Caleb Everett, Damián E. Blasí, and Seán G. Roberts.

Overview by Simon J. Greenhill -

Commentaries by:

- Jeremy Collins -
- Christophe Coupé -
- Bart de Boer -
- Mark Donohue -
- Carol R. Ember -
- Carlos Gussenhoven -
- Harald Hammarström -
- D. Robert Ladd -
- Steven Moran -
- Ljiljana Progovac and Martha Ratliff -
- Bodo Winter and Andy Wedel -

Response by Caleb Everett, Damián E. Blasí, and Seán G. Roberts -

Book Review

Speaking Our Minds: Why human communication is different, and how language evolved to make it special by Thom Scott-Phillips -

Reviewed by Catriona Silvey

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Linguistic Field(s): Anthropological Linguistics
                            Computational Linguistics

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