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Mon Feb 27 2017

Summer Schools: NYI-2017: The 15th annual New York - St. Petersburg Institute of Linguistics, Cognition and Culture/Russia

Editor for this issue: Yue Chen <>

Date: 27-Feb-2017
From: John Frederick Bailyn <>
Subject: NYI-2017: The 15th annual New York - St. Petersburg Institute of Linguistics, Cognition and Culture/Russia
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Host Institution: St. Petersburg State University
Coordinating Institution: Stony Brook University

Dates: 10-Jul-2017 - 28-Jul-2017
Location: St. Petersburg, Russia

Focus: The 15th annual New York-St. Petersburg Institute of Linguistics, Cognition and Culture (NYI-2017) is an interdisciplinary institute focusing on generative linguistics, cognitive science and critical culture/media studies. NYI is open to advanced undergraduate and graduate students from all backgrounds and countries interested in comparative and formal approaches to theoretical linguistics and cognition as well as cultural and media studies. - Students have attended from 45 countries and 50+ Russian cities - Faculty from US, Russian and other European institutions - All classes in English - Dormitory space and visa support available
Minimum Education Level: Undergraduate

Participants create their own study program from seminars in the following fields:

- Generative Linguistics (Syntax, Semantics, Phonology, Morphology, Computational)
- Cognitive Science (Language & Mind, Ambiguity, Consciousness)
- Cultural Studies (Critical Cultural Studies, Women’s & Gender Studies, Islamic & Religious Studies, Film & Media Studies,...)

2017 Linguistics/Cognitive Studies Faculty:

- John F. Bailyn (Stony Brook University)
- Jonthan Bobaljik (University of Connecticut)
- Veneeta Dayal (Rutgers University)
- John E. Drury (Stony Brook University)
- Maria Kuvaldina (SUNY Farmingdale and St. Petersburg State University)
- Denis Paperno (CNRS/University of Lorraine)
- Maria Polinsky (University of Maryland)
- Omer Preminger (University of Maryland)
- Marc van Oostendorp (University Leiden)
- Tanya Scott (CUNY College of Staten Island)
- Susi Wurmbrand (University of Connecticut)

For more information, visit:

Introductory Courses:

- The Structure of Human Language: Introduction to Generative Syntax (Bailyn/Polinsky)
- Phonology: The Sound Structure of Human Language (van Oostendorp)
- Morphology: The Syntactic Structure of Words (Bobaljik)
- Introduction to Formal Semantics (Dayal)- Introduction to Python (Paperno)


- Discoveries and Puzzles in Syntax (Wurmbrand)
- Language, Mind and Modularity (Drury)
- The Many Failures of Agree (Preminger)
- Conversations on Consciosuness (Kuvaldina)
- Resolving Ambiguities: Studies across Cognition (Scott)

Linguistic Field(s): Cognitive Science
                      General Linguistics

Tuition: 225 USD
Financial Aid: Applications accepted until
Mini grants available (apply after acceptance into program)

Financial Aid Instructions:

Registration: 27-Feb-2017 to 31-May-2017
Contact Person:

Apply on the web:

Registration Instructions:
US/Canada residents MUST apply through Stony Brook Study Abroad: Registration Instructions: - Early application deadline for all students: April 15 - Application deadline for students needing visas: May 15. (if space remains) - Deadline for students not needing visas: May 31 (if space remains)

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