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Fri Mar 03 2017

TOC: Virittäjä Vol. 120 / 3 (2016)

Editor for this issue: Amanda Foster <>

Date: 23-Feb-2017
From: Katja Litola <>
Subject: Virittäjä Vol. 120, No. 3 (2016)
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Publisher: Society for the Study of Finnish

Journal Title: Virittäjä
Volume Number: 120
Issue Number: 3
Issue Date: 2016

Main Text:

Journal of the Kotikielen Seura (Society for the Study of Finnish)
ISSN 0042-6806

Price: 80 EUR abroad and in Finland, 100 EUR for institutions (1 000 EUR including online journal)

Each issue comprises 160 pages containing articles, review articles, book reviews and a discussion section in Finnish. The abstracts of articles are given also in English.

TOC: Vol. 120, Issues 3

Puh pah pelistä pois. Ahti Rytkösen tm-tutkimuksen kohtalo tieteenhistoriallisesta näkökulmasta 324
Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Moe. The fate of Ahti Rytkönen’s tm-research in the light of the history of science 358

Vepsän kielen paljaiden interrogatiivien indefiniittinen käyttö 360
The indefinite use of the Veps bare interrogatives 396

Suomalaisten verkkoyhteisöjen käyttäjänimet 398
User names in Finnish online communities 421

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Linguistic Field(s): History of Linguistics

Subject Language(s): Finnish (fin)
                            Veps (vep)

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